BioWare's New Game to Involve RTS Elements writes, "One of the more anticipated titles to be revealed at this year’s Video Game Awards has to be BioWare’s new title. BioWare is a sacred name to most gamers, and while they’ve had a their fare share of mistakes, they’ve crafted great worlds and stories for gamers to experience."

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lastdual2614d ago

Bioware lost its "sacred name" status a while back. The current attitude towards their games seems to be closer to "cautious optimism".

Anyways, while I love a good RTS game, for some reason when non-RTS games include "RTS elements" it almost always turns out poorly. Hopefully this will be an exception. *remains cautiously optimistic*

jdktech20102614d ago

They're still a sacred name to me right now anyway. I've lost faith in Dragon Age but they still have one of the best games this generation in Mass Effect 2 and I've loved the SWTOR beta from what I've played so far.

They've got a couple more eggs to lay before I start losing my trust in them

stickskills2614d ago

Completely agree with you. While they may have had a slip-up or two, they're still a great company.

TopDudeMan2614d ago

In before someone predicts that they'll be "dumbed down for the masses" in any sequels of it they make.

ziggurcat2614d ago

it doesn't matter what game they come out with next, it'll still be garbage.

D3mons0ul2614d ago

I guess you should expect pointless romance options being forced upon you.

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