Side Quests in Gaming: Love-Hate Relationship

Carl B. of writes, "There's no doubt that most games that have released this generation are tragically short. That doesn't mean that those games are bad, it just means that developers have, by in large, ignored the single player experience in favor of online multiplayer. Luckily, there are still developers that fully embrace features that are meant to be in single player games: side quests. Four very different games released over the span of several months, each one of which is single player based and utilizes side quests in very different ways."

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Moduserous2521d ago

There is no shortage of sidequests in Skyrim - should take me a few months to finish this one...

RoboRyan2521d ago

There are infinite quests in Skyrim. Should take you life to finish.

Seriously though, I like side quests as long as they don't feel out of place and aren't pointlessly tacked on. I like the idea of being able to play single player campaigns that last more than a few hours. It's one of the things that makes buying a game seem more appealing than renting it.

AronDeppert2521d ago

I usually skip sidequests.