Philadelphia Man Kills Baby Over Video Game

This story is really astonishingly sad.

In Philadelphia, a 25 year old man named Tyrone Spellman - who curiously goes by the name Anwar Salahuddin - punched his 17 month old daughter to death when she knocked over his console, causing him to disrupt the game.

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General4510d ago

Bloody idiot, What in the world?

OutLaw4510d ago

This is a horrible thing what this man has done. How can you hurt a child like that, even worst a baby because she knock down the guys system. He needs to be punish to the max for this and if he has a conscious than I hope he realize that he murder his own child and suffer the lost for the rest of his life.

kingboy4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Another American tale(no diss)console addiction is not good especiall when u got no memory cards..i remember giving my lil sister some spanking when i was 17 for pulling off my console`s! she cried so loud i felt ashame of myself.Jeez! this guy got issues.Freakin bastard,he needs punishment.

jiggajayp4510d ago

I hope they hang that MOTHERF*CKER by his balls!

The BS Police4510d ago

He's just a psycho plain and simple.

And why would he let his child play with cords anyway?

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The story is too old to be commented.