MotorStorm RC Preview (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Both Sony and Evolution Studios captured the imaginations of players worldwide with the popular MotorStorm franchise, a thrilling series of games set in a variety of gorgeous locations and featuring intense, arcade style racing.

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NukaCola2522d ago

I probably wont get this, but I like how it looks and it's a corss-PSN connective game like WipEouT HD so I can dig it. Sony is coming out of the box hitting homers with this system, I tell ya!

Ult iMate2522d ago

The fact, that you buy one box and get the game for two systems (PS3+PSV), makes me want it twice as more. I wish all ps3/PSV crossplatform games will follow the path.

TLG19912522d ago

this is kinda weird going away from what motorstorm is about lol but i have to say it looks pretty fun ill be keeping an eye on this one. the return of micro machines lol