Anandtech: "New Xbox 360 GPU also Featuring 65nm Technology"

It's a widely known fact that the Red Ring or Death has been early Xbox 360 owners' nemesis for a while now. A problem initially addressed by Microsoft by giving every user 3 years of warranty for related problems for every console out there, and money refund for those who ever paid for RROD problems.

These problems have decreased dramatically with the new models though, which have been reported to include modifications on their cooling systems such as new heat sinks and better ventilation but most important, the inclusion of a smaller, cooler 65nm CPU. While the common belief was that the GPU (Graphic Chip) was still unmodified from its original design, this article reveals that this is not the case. In fact, both dies of the Xbox 360 Graphic Chip have been reduced in size, resulting in a considerable power consumption decrease and heat reduction:

"Microsoft never released die sizes for the Xbox's chips so we had to break out the trusty ruler and measure both the old and new chips, to get an idea of how things have changed. The table below shows our findings:
Chip Old Die Size New Die Size % of Old Die CPU 176 mm^2 133 mm ^2 75.5% GPU 182 mm^2 156 mm^2 85.7% eDRAM 80 mm^2 68 mm^2 85%
Here's what's interesting: the CPU, GPU and eDRAM die all seem to have gotten smaller, but at different rates. The CPU sees the biggest reduction in size, the new core being about 75% the size of the old one, while both GPU components are around 85% the size of their predecessors.

It's possible that all three chips are now 65nm, or a mixture of 65nm and 80nm (TSMC's 80nm half-node process was used in ATI's R600 GPU). Needless to say, the chips are all smaller, which should yield some nice power savings."

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YoMeViet5776d ago

"there's also another side effect that many surmised would result from a move to 65nm: increased reliability."

Sounds nice, especially the "reliability" part. Only thing to see now is if it will prevent RRODs. I'm very interested in how these new chip size will affect failure rates.

Charlie26885776d ago (Edited 5776d ago )

Did someone of our approving pals noticed that this was already posted 14 days ago?


Meus Renaissance5776d ago

Why dont they replace the faulty ones with the new 65mm technology instead of replacing them with the same hardware design that will no doubt be returned again? I dont get that.

Mikey_Gee5775d ago

That is what is still giving the 360 a bad rap. The new ones are very reliable, but MS keeps pushing out OLD CRAP refurbs that are junk. And worst part is they stick a new sticker on the back with a recent build date.

My bud has a new 360 with the new gear inside and it is very quite and very cool when running. His old reburb he just got back has a newer build date than the one he just bought yet we don't think it has the new guts.

MS need to melt down the old failed machines and just send out new machines. I mean you don't send you HD in with it anyway, so just send back an arcade version with the new guts and HDMI. Most of us would give up a Chrome CD trade faceplate to have a NEW machine with the NEW hardware.

gta_cb5775d ago

agreed, i would give up the chrome drive for the newer stuff BUT i have still got my premium since October 2006 and no problems. and i must say it gets used a hell of a lot.

AnalFace5776d ago

Oh MS.. a bit too late, what about all the Owners with 5 broken 360's.

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