Why MW3 isn’t as awful as you think…

Dan from writes:

...I’m more than prepared for the flame fest this article has the ability to illicit from desperate internet sorts. “It’s the same as MW2” they’ll wail, “Battlefield is better”, and while both of those statements have a bit of truth to them; this shouldn’t stop you playing the latest instalment in Activision’s shoot-a-thon franchise. Now, onto business – why am I saying this?

Update: Someone posted a similar article earlier, it's not the same one.

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TruthbeTold2522d ago

Do people really think it's 'awful' so much as a slightly sloppy, sore teat milking?

T9002521d ago

Lol most people already own the game since 2006, its just new maps at best.

cyborg69712521d ago

All of these articles are popping up to justify said sites bloated score for this lack luster game.

For every 15 reasons you should buy this game there are 30 reasons not to.

thatgameshow2521d ago

We didn't review MW3, so we're not justifying anything I'm afraid. Simply offering an opinion - mostly based on the metacritic reviewers and their silly attitudes to games they've never played.

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hennessey862522d ago

its just broken sales records again, the n4g haters want you to believe everyone hates cod but thats not the case. Hell i prefer battlefield 3 but cod is cod and I enjoy what it is. Now we have two totally different shooters to play so enjoy

thatgameshow2522d ago

Exactly my point. I mostly focussed on the "Bandwagon haters", the ones who won't play it, but are more than happy to slate it. I love both, and i'm sick of hearing about how "Crap MW3 is" from people who've barely seen it

RememberThe3572521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

OK, I've hated on this series since WaW (and I have played and beaten every game) but I actually like MW3. To me it's the closest to COD4. It's not perfect(maps are marry go rounds, perks are still annoying, spawning is stupid, etc...), but it's still as fun as it is frustrating.

FYI I bought BF3 instead of MW3 but thats because the whole running in circles and getting shot in the ass thing is not really my style. I did go 60-11 in my very last match, so that was fun. I'm not sure if I'll ever do that again lol.

Hufandpuf2522d ago

I just bought COD4 last week. That tells you how much I hate the way the franchise is going. MW3 is not better than COD4.

Cosmit2522d ago

I think MW3 is better than CoD4. It has the CoD4 feel with improved graphics. I loved CoD4 more than any other CoD. Until MW3 released.


@Hufandpuf don't give us that crap of u bought it but returned it. Ur a well known Cod basher on this site, u and ur buddies had me blocked on N4G just cuz I said I like Cod and don't care what the internet says. Anyway on topic this articles are getting old. Just enjoy any game u want and to those people calling people foolish sheeps for buying Cod I think ur the bigger fool for crying over what other people buy with there own money.Get a life.

Hufandpuf2521d ago

First, i have played every COD game, so i do know what activision does and doesn't. I know that a yearly game is NOT worth my money unless it has fundemental chages or additions. COD is successful for a reason. But i don't think it's the right reason.

I have an opinion and you have an opinion, and we are free to share that opinion. But it just so happens people don't like your opinion. Not my fault.

Janitor2521d ago

@Huf- how you liking that hackfest? It was good when it came out but it pales in comparison to MW3. It's ok to like new things that are popular, unless you are 12 and all your friends are from the internet.

NarooN2521d ago

My friends and I still play it, and I haven't seen any hackers in ages. The only hacks that people even use are super run-speed, and that's fixed by just leaving and joining a new lobby. MW3 is just MW2.1, just a shitty expansion pack that barely adds anything new. Stop having a nerdrage fit just because someone doesn't buy the same shit every year like you do.

CoD5112521d ago


Gotten to the point where I really couldn't give a shit about these articles.

urwifeminder2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

The haters are the milkers, milking the yearly hate im enjoying the hurt more than the years game releases.

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