WWE '12 Review: Stuck In The Middle Of The Card on PS3

7/10 review of WWE '12 on PlayStation 3 at

Video game sports franchises arguably face the most challenges in development every year. Not only are developers expected to have a new game out one year from the day the last iteration arrived, but they’ve also got to improve the title enough to quantify the purchase to loyal fans. Even die-hards aren’t just content with a roster update and marginal upgrades to the previous incarnation anymore. Perhaps nobody knows this better than Yuke’s, the people behind the WWE video game franchise. Eschewing the Raw vs. Smackdown moniker that has been part of the series since 2004, and utilizing a new engine, it seemed like Yuke’s was going to take the franchise in a fresh direction. Unfortunately, they stumble into the ring, and WWE 12 ends up an uneven affair that has just as much going wrong for it as it does going right.

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ssb31732521d ago

This looks to be a decent wrestling game in a long time