PS Vita: Augmented Reality Suite Demonstration

See how Augmented Reality on PlayStation Vita brings gaming into your world.

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Godmars2902521d ago

Really have to ask why this was never explored on the PS3 past that card game.

NukaCola2521d ago

Yeah, this is something so beyond amazing I don't even know what to say. Would work great on PS3 but at the same time this is on the go anywhere, every where. You could play soccer on your lunch tray at school, or fighter a monk and a ninja on top of a birthday cake. Hell pretty much the possibilties are endless and the fact you can take them outside on a portable is amazing. The SmartAR technology is amazing and Sony has something really phenomenal here. This is a link to more AR using Vita:

Godmars2902521d ago

And my point is that if the tech had been further developed from when it was first introduced, devs would be more familiar and do more with it now.

BitbyDeath2521d ago

EyePet uses this as well but i don't think you can really do much with it for a console.
Vita will definetly be much more suited towards this concept since it's a device on the go as opposed to one where you sit down and expect to be playing for a long period of time.

Next stop real-life holograms.

farhad2k82521d ago

Ok, I am not the type of person who likes 'augmented reality' games, and I really don't like motion tracked games. Hence why I don't have the Wii, Kinect or Move.

But, this blew my mind. =|
I mean, the fact that you can still PLAY the game after placing the cards down, is just so.. amazing! LOL

I just wish they weren't all different games :( Wanted one huge pack full of all of those games!!

But still, I really can't wait for the VITA :(

Orange2521d ago

Probably because the penetration rate for the PSEye is relatively low, whereas every vita has two cameras.

Christopher2520d ago

***Really have to ask why this was never explored on the PS3 past that card game.***

Because the camera was not intended to be moved, therefore the 'arena' was a set space within the camera's field of view. PSVita allows for rapid adjustment of the arena.

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Dante1122521d ago

Man, this was pretty cool.

blackburn102521d ago

I mean how could anyone not think this is cool? Just imagine carrying a soccer field where ever you go with just a few cards and a VITA. Or the puzzles you can make. That laser bouncing they showed at the beginning. That could make some awesome puzzles. Or imagine a table top strategy game using soldiers or tanks or mechs. They could even give casual games a run for their money. Just imagine growing virtual plants or raising virtual creatures and actually being able to physically interact with them. Could throw Pokemon for a loop.

metsgaming2521d ago

i thought the vita can do AR without the cards, or was i mistaken ?

princeofthabay2520d ago

it can but its more accurate with the cards

danny8182521d ago

this shits on 3DS's augmented reality!!!

Shackdaddy8362520d ago ShowReplies(2)
MasterCornholio2520d ago

Please give the poor 3DS a break. I think we all know by now that the 3DS can't handle Sony's AR tech because the hardware isn't powerful enough to do it. There's really no need to shove it Nintendo fans faces.

Forgot to mention that Sony has a lot more experience with AR than Nintendo which is why it's more advanced.


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The story is too old to be commented.