Warcraft 'could lose 1m players to Old Republic'

Develop-Online: The global launch the Star Wars MMO could trigger a mass-exodus of World of Warcraft subscribers, according to new analyst data.

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fluffydelusions2548d ago

I just picked up a gaming laptop on the cheap so I'll give this a shot. For anyone in the beta is it any good?

caboose322548d ago

I found it to be pretty good. A lot of people say it's like WoW, but I have never played that so I wouldnt know. But it is definitely worth trying if you get a beta invite.

NukaCola2548d ago

The Old Republic is the only MMO that can topple or withstand what WOW has built. A lot of my friends who played the beta said it feels like WOW, but so much fresher in story and the game is loaded with dialog and unique missions. The way they are crafting it, sets them up for success. I really hope the best for Bioware, they have a real winner on their hands. They just have to stay dedicated to it.

coolbeans2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

1. Gaming laptop? I looked up the specs and they weren't demanding in the slightest. The Black Friday laptops ($400-$500) could handle them with relative ease.

2. Although I'm up for the beta next week, I get the impression that it's going to feel more like a SP RPG that's constantly changing, rather than a "WoW in space". That fact alone may rub certain MMO players the wrong way or feel refreshing to them.

ATi_Elite2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Star Wars The Old Republic is gonna come in a suck up everything like a huge galactic vacuum.
Only problem is can it maintain a large subscription base like WoW? Dec 20th will begin to let us know.

I don't see the WoW clones really hurting WoW ever but MMO's like TERA, The Secret World, and Guild Wars 2 are gonna have large communities of gamers and possibly offer enough new things to steal WOW gamers away like REAL TIME COMBAT, cross domain (or guild) combat and a more in depth political system!!

People tend to forget that Online PC Gaming is 250 million gamers strong and growing while new games do not have to cannibalize older games for gamers, they can just attract new ones period.

there is literally a TON of MMO's out there and they are making some kind of cash to stay alive, update, and maintain a gamer community. You can play a new MMO every day for a year and never play the same one twice.

WoW always loses members right before a new expansion comes out but after release the numbers tick back up.

But we will see if Goliath can with stand the onslaught of Next Gen MMO's in 2012 and the $300 to $500 million dollar Beast known as The Old Republic!

Spinal2548d ago

Tbh the test of swtor is time we have to wait until months after release cause the first few months will be high in subs like most newcomers.

I'm playing beta this weekend so ill get to test it myself. I'm one of those strange characters it seems cause i intend to play both wow an swtor. And can't wait for Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2.

I see no reason to leave one game for another when i can simply have more options to play whatever my mood feels to.

zeal0us2548d ago

1m...thats it? I know that's a loss of revenue but 1m still doesn't seem a lot.

fluffydelusions2548d ago

I think they are just going by preorders because old republic has nearly 1m preorders in I have no idea though. WoW is losing tons of players regardless.

MrGunny942548d ago

Yes it is.. but if u played wow or any other MMORPG is the same old crap just with the Star Wars theme... :)

Aloren2548d ago

I wouldn't say it 's the "same old crap", the story feels more important, the companions too, in fact it's very much a bioware game, and while I'm sure some people will stop playing after one month cause they dislike it for not being exactly like wow (just like with any other MMO), I'm also pretty sure a lot of people will keep playing it for months just to get to know the different class stories (which all seem to be very long).

shikamaroooo2548d ago

I'm sure they'll lose 1million to guild wars 2 also

ATi_Elite2547d ago

Guild Wars 2 = The Incredible Hulk having a really bad day.

"HULK smash all MMO's"

Guild Wars 2 will played by everyone either by choice or by's too good to pass up.

Megaton2548d ago

SWTOR is gonna fail like all the others. WoW will die from old age, not at the hands of a rival.

Aloren2548d ago

Who said anything about WOW dieing ? Still, SWTOR and GW2 will probably hurt its active player base though.

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