Eidos: Lara Croft’s new look is more about practicality than sex appeal

VG247: Brian Horton, art director at Crystal Dynamics, has taken to the firm’s official forums to explain the design choice for Lara Croft in Edios’s upcoming reboot, after members expressed concern over Lara’s iconic blue tank top and shorts being scratched for neutral colored cargo pants and a layered tank.

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Hufandpuf2616d ago

So they think they made her less sexy. I think they made her even more sexy. Win=win

Derekvinyard132616d ago

true statement right there.

colonel1792616d ago

I like her much much better now. She looks like a normal girl with hot body who a normal guy would date her

Focus2616d ago

Only a normal guy can't date her, what with her not being real and all

Dee_912616d ago

anybody mind posting a pic of ms croft

Lord_Sloth2615d ago

"Your comment looks like spam"


Lord_Sloth2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I never found her terribly appealing outside of her rather limber ledge climb...

*spaces out*

...Oh... But I find this new look incredibly sexy. XXXD

Laxman2616d ago

Exactly the same here. I have never been one for the whole over proportioned breasts and ass and it actually made it very hard for me to get into the games as the character was so rediculous, it simply isnt appealing to me, but this new look is so much better and this is one of my most anticipated titles of next year now.

Hicken2616d ago

She's hotter to me now than she ever was in the past. So I guess practicality is more sexy than sex appeal?

WitWolfy2615d ago

She's more believable this time, so thats a heavy plus!

Undeadwolfy2615d ago

The things I'd do if she was real...