PS4 and Xbox 720: What to Expect

"Microsoft and Sony struck gold with their Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 systems over the past six years. Microsoft has sold 57.6 million units worldwide, and Sony has sold 55.5 million units worldwide. After the extreme success of these two consoles, you might find yourself asking “What’s next?”, and unfortunately the answer to that question is all but clear..."

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zeal0us2526d ago

More than likely there will be better security from seeing what this generation been through.

Hopefully hdmi ports will also be on the cheaper bundles/models instead of putting them on the premium models only

Jensen2525d ago

xbox..? right.... cause i swore all of ps3 models had it.

arnyftw2525d ago

Umm, I think on all the next gen models, even the cheapest ones will have HDMI and WIFI, and full 3D compatibility. What I've learnt from buying my Xbox 360 Arcade, 512 mb space version is that to buy the most expensive or the version in the middle. I will probably wait for a year or two to buy my new gen console so that they release better versions and fix problems.

GraveLord2525d ago

PS3 had great security. It barely got hacked like earlier this year.

DonaldBeck2525d ago

ps4 to me one bad mother...

jjb19812525d ago

The next gen hardware will be gaming/social media monsters. Standard 500 gig hard drives, 3 gb ddr5 , NVIDIA gpus, 8 core processors @ 3 ghz, super cooling systems, ohhhhh yeeeeeah....