PlayStation Vita UK Launch Titles Announced

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced the first wave of titles available day one for PlayStation Vita in Europe.

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MasterCornholio2521d ago

List is kind of short because no third party titles are on it. But I am pretty sure there will be a ton of great games available at launch.


Misterhbk2520d ago

Sony can't announce what 3rd parties will be bringing to the table for launch just yet. Just under 3 months until launch, we'll hear more as we get closer.

That being said this is a fantastic lineup of first party games.

Escape Plan

will all be mine day one. Where the hell is Ruin though? I'm picking that up as well and I could have sworn it was listed as a launch title before. Once we see what third party games are coming I'm sure I'll end up adding at least 2-3 games to my launch day list.

Ddouble2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

They missed out Gravity Rush from the list but impressive for just first party titles.

Gamerita2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

The titles available on February 22, 2012 include:

*Uncharted: Golden Abyss

*WipEout 2048

*Reality Fighters

*Little Deviants

*ModNation Racers: Road Trip

*Everybody's Golf

*Escape Plan

*Top Darts

*Hustle Kings

*Unit 13

*MotorStorm RC

The full third-party line-up has not been announced.

not bad at all & in high definition which is a deal maker. :)

NukaCola2520d ago

Yeah. The Vita is like 95% WIN WIN! Only thing that bugs me is the contract for 3G with AT&T cause it's well shady crap with AT&T. I will probably just go WiFi and use my smart phone as the hotspot, cuase I love all those out-and-about social features. If the GPS is 3G only, I think I will just fork out fot the bigger model cause like iPhone, the AT&T contract will suspend within a year or so and I will be able to find a better deal. I wish Sony just did something like Kindle does with the Whisper Net and let us have that for free and charge for a solid unlimited data plan. Data gets eaten up with a gaming system and unlimited is the only way it can work.

Protagonist2520d ago

I hope Gravity Rush is still a launch title, since it is not listed.

Game4life2520d ago

Are you sure? because it is listed

MaximusPrime2520d ago

Call of duty is in development. Interesting,

But the line up and augmented reality just made me reconsider about preordering..
And list of social tools, especially Flickr has been added to list.

Wow, I really like where Sony is heading. They will have a great future.

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