Zipper Interactive Announce Unit 13 for PS Vita

Playstation Blog: On behalf of the entire team at Zipper Interactive, I am proud to announce a new shooter, Unit 13, designed from the ground up for the new PlayStation Vita. It’s been very exciting developing a game for the first portable console with precision dual analog sticks, the perfect platform for a fast action, hard-hitting, third-person shooter like Unit 13. In addition, Vita’s front and back touch interface provided a unique and fun way to interact quickly with in-the-world elements of the game.

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mugoldeneagle032615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I'm beginning to figure out why SOCOM 4 was so bad, which pains me to say since I'm a long time SOCOM fan. Hopefully the team can focus more now on improving and/or creating another game.

On topic though Co-Op, long campaign (from how it sounds) & a pretty deep online mode gets me excited. Also, TPS which is a nice switch from all the FPS I've been playing

Looking forward to seeing gameplay

Also, once Call of Duty comes out for Vita the thing will sell a TON. It'll be interesting to see if the frankenstick comes to the 3DS in NA, or what type of COD the 3DS could even handle...

Dante1122615d ago

The PSP Socom Bravo games have always been pretty good though. It's just been S4 and arguably Confrontation that's been the worst to the fans imo. Hopefully this game will turn out a little better. Wanna see some footage.

mugoldeneagle032615d ago

No I agree, the Fireteam Bravo were great, I was referring to just the console games.

I thought both games just lacked a ton depth compared to past SOCOM titles. Add in bugs and glitches followed by slow patches and it's just not fun.

fluffydelusions2615d ago

No multiplayer, only coop from what I can tell =\ Will fifa 12 vita have MP, anyone know?

pedo_across-the-road2615d ago

"The Zipper team put considerable effort into leveraging Vita’s WIFI and 3G functionality to provide exceptional social gaming and competition with friends and opponents from around the world"

Underneath picture 2

Sevir042615d ago

I'm really impressed! the Vita is a really big elephant in the Portable gaming market!!! we will see what this one is about!

jdfoster2615d ago

Nope. If you read they built this from the ground up meaning new engine etc! Completely new game!

brettyd2615d ago

Look at the gameplay, its identical to SOCOM 4. Which is a terrible game.

Remake socom 2 already!

Sevir042615d ago

But the engine largely resembles socom 4's Engine assest! I'm sure they did some engineering to factor in Near and Live area for the Vita, it just really looks like Socom 4 from it's screen shots! which isn't bad! Socom 4's Graphocs are on par with MW3, maybe not that good looking but still great to the eye!

Ulf2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

SOCOM 4 looks better than MW3. MW3 falls flat on its face relative to most shooters released in the past 2 years, and SOCOM 4 and Gears 3 are among its betters, not to mention BF3, which blows it away.

I agree with your statement about this game looking good though -- that a Vita game can look that good has convinced me I'm going to need to get one... for Uncharted, this game, and the eventual CoD that will come.

GodHandDee2615d ago

More new IPs are never a bad thing. PS Vita has so many interesting titles already for it's launch year

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The story is too old to be commented.