Aonuma: "I Really Want To Take Less Time For Next Zelda"

The next Legend of Zelda instalment could arrive sooner than expected if series' producer Eiji Aonuma has his way.

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silkrevolver2617d ago

I’m all for it... just don’t annualize the thing.

tanoris2617d ago

skyward sword is getting 10/10 on almost every website, i say their doing the right thing with not rushing it

silkrevolver2617d ago

As long as it’s SKYWARD SWORD good, I’m fine with it.

D0ffy2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

It acutally took a little time for me to get into it, since I'm playing a lot of Skyrim right now.

But now I can finally say.. amazing. Skyward Sword is simply amazing and gets a minimum of 9/10 from me (probably more when I get further into it).

SyluxPT2617d ago

I want Majora's Mask remake!

Venox20082617d ago

maybe you'll get it after new Zelda 3DS :)

n4f2617d ago

why not bundle with it
(a guy can dream..)

TruthbeTold2617d ago

They make enough money to pay for larger teams. I love these games, but Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword took too damned long to deliver. If they have to do it that way, then they need to go the Ocarina/Majora's mask/Wind Waker route. Take your 5 years for one, but pop out a quality, same engine/world/concept game two or three years later WHILE working on the next stand alone release.

NLGSean2616d ago

Skyward Sword was well worth the long wait. An absolutely beautiful masterpiece...

Ck1x2616d ago

I don't think the issue is with Zelda taking so long but for Nintendo to become better at managing the drought of good software coming out for their systems... If a smaller development company like Rockstar can manage multiple high profile titles over the life of 3 consoles, Nintendo should be able to streamline a string of top quality software to keep consistency over the life of their systems...