Why Being A Fanboy is Bad

PSS: "If you go on the web as a gamer, or simply want to find news or information about any game, you have more than likely come across fanboys. Of course some fanboys are much louder than others and this causes internet wars between which side is right, when in reality it’s all just an opinion. While I fully support people’s opinions, I don’t think being a fanboy is the right route to take. There are many negative aspects to fanboys, and overall this has ruined several aspects of the gaming industry and is further hurting it in other areas. What exactly is it affecting?"

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zeal0us2526d ago

*Reasons pointed out within the article*
-You Don’t Help Improve A Product
-You Buy Anything They Throw At You
-You Don’t Give Things A Chance
-You Ruin The Integrity of Everyone

I think some fan-boys are bad because they will defend a product till the death, even if that product is crap. Don't get me wrong I'm all for loyalty but sometimes some things aren't worth defending.

Focus2526d ago

Lol i find it ironic that your name is zealous.
OT, I do not owe Microsoft jack! I paid for my console with hard earned money. They don't get anything else out of me. I'm not going to pay tribute to them for providing me many hours of gaming and for the legacy of bla bla bla, they provide a service and products and I PAY for them. End of story.
So it really boggles my mind when someone calls me a traitor or backstabber because I owned a ps2 last gen and now I've abandoned SONY and how they deserve our loyalty and gratitude. :S What the heck is that? Did I not pay them for my PS2 and many many games?? Why should I give them anything else?
Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are profit seeking organizations whose primary goal is maximization of profit. I'm a consumer and my aim is to maximize my satisfaction. Fanboyism is just plain stupid.

ScytheX32526d ago

pretty much every company is all about money making now, capcom, activision, bethesda, fair to say ALL DEVELOPERS are like that, i remember back in the day when developers would release new content as an incentive to keep playing their game, and at times old ass shit, im dumbfounded as how for example crapcom can charge over $20 for a costume pack for Super Street Fighter IV and the game itself new costs less.... wtf. pretty much its that were buying a costumes and then we gotta buy the game as the exansion lol

Tanir2525d ago

Wtf scytheC3?

"pretty much every company is all about making money now"

ummmm if a company wasn't about making money then why are they there? everyone in the world is going to try to make as much money as possible, its stupid not too.

now having a good balance between making maximum money without scaring away the consumer is different

kikizoo2525d ago

The worst one are not the defending ones, the worst are this generation haters, nitpickers, downplayer, and liars (because they don't know what they are talking about most of the time), most of the time : unsecure Xfanboyz (since 2006), who create the sony defenders ,)

Laxman2525d ago

Everywhere I see you on here all you are doing is making your stupid immature comments abouts Xbox fanboys. That in itself is worse and more 'fanboyish' than anything I have EVER seen 'Xbox Fanboys' doing. You are by all accounts a Fanboy and your doing it more than any other. Grow up.

Hyperbomb692526d ago

Ive seen people go through 6 Xbox 360's. Ive seen people buy a 360 and have it sitting dormant. Ive seen people buy 360's and just play Call or duty. These same people crap on me for buying a PS3 and Ive only bought one PS3, played many games and never let it sit for more than a day. These 360 fanboys still claim that they have the superior console so Im not a fanboy I just tell it like I see it. I dont consider myself a PS3 fanboy because I like the wii and PC its just that I hate the 360, its an overrated piece of crap console.

jacksonmichael2526d ago

But... Lost Odyssey... Lol.

Commander_TK2525d ago

Great game, but multiple f***ing discs!

steve30x2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I have an Xbox 360 which I bought just for Forza. I got fed up of forza 3 six months ago and my Xbox 360 died a few weeks later so I then learned about Forza 4 and bought a second hand Xbox 360 three months ago. I got fed up of Forza 4 after three weeks because they throw too much credits at you after races and they give you free parts. So my Xbox 360 is lying dormant with a few weeks now.

On the other hand I had a PS3 for four and a half years and it got used for watching BlueRay films , Watching upscaled DVD's and playing mostly Gran Turismo and some old PS2 games that I liked , but my 60GB PS3 died in february. So I bought a new PS3 last week and I use it all the time again. Unfortunately Sony removed backward compatability so my PS2 games are no good to me now.

I am no fanboy of any of the two consoles. I have both PS3 and Xbox 360 , but my Xbox 360 is laying dormant most of the time and my PS3 is being used all the time.

Also people that are hardcore fans for games or hardware hate to see the truth and will bash anybody that has an opinion even if the opinion is the truth. Especially on N4G. If you say anything that is your own opinion and is the truth you will see a lot of bubble down and disagrees. For instance , watch this post. You will see I will get a lot of disagrees because I said my Xbox 360 is dormant and I only used it for playing Forza.

vishant1012526d ago

im a fanboy, a fanboy of games XD

ha2e482526d ago

i ah like-ah the games-ah,, i like-ah, playa the games-ah. i like-a to playa the call of dutes-ah on the 3-ah sixteeya.

urwifeminder2526d ago

Im a fanboy of all ur wives they rock.

Beastradamus2525d ago

That's cool, my wife and I are swingers lmao

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