Xbox LIVE wasn't hacked, YOU were (

"The front page of Britain’s The Sun newspaper ran with a story this morning on its front page saying that “online crooks have hacked into thousands of Xbox LIVE accounts to steal millions of pounds. The average loss to gamers in the UK is around £100 — but many have had more than £200 stolen.” When we saw the news, the tea almost fell out of our hands. Only with a bit of further reading, it becomes apparent that Xbox LIVE hasn’t been hacked — Gamers have."

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JellyJelly2523d ago

The Sun just used social hacking on us lol.

Dante1122523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I think phishing might play a part but I think the EA hack might be the main reason why people's Live accounts were taken since most of neogaf (some devs mind you), gamespot and IGN have been hacked without signing up or accepting anything.

radphil2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

The EA hack is one part of the problem.

It's just tiring to see people specifically on this site that don't know the full situation to just lump ANY loss of info as phishing, or the user being the one at fault.

darthv722523d ago

He'll eat for a day.

Teach a man to phish...
He'll empty your bank account.

JebusF2523d ago

It does seem that an increasing number of people don't know what "Hacked" means.

darthv722523d ago

it sounds more scary than phished. People can relate to hacking more than phishing. Its a tech term thing.

Parapraxis2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

But they are vastly different, being phished requires (IMO) the user to be naive and simply put, stupid.
Yes the term "phishing" might not be as known, however that is no excuse for media to use a different one which has a completely different meaning.
People will never learn the difference unless the terminology becomes familiar, so use the right terms!
I also agree that it's a scare tactic, but it's unfortunate that they can get away with falsifying information just to get people to pick up their shoddy paper.

Part of the reason phishing is successful is because people are mis-informed and are not aware of the tells.
By using the term "hacking" instead, people don't come to understand it's their own dumb fault! Instead many think it's some outside entity which forceably took info from their PC to get CC details.

Antholex2523d ago

I wonder what kind of effect this will have on Microsoft.

Terrylucy2523d ago

It could affect their Christmas console sales, no doubt about it. Sony will be happy!

LightofDarkness2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Probably none. This is likely the last you'll hear about it. Just a slow news day over at The Sun, and only because they're not legally allowed to fill the whole thing with t*ts or else they have to admit they're the world's most useless wank-rag.

Bladesfist2523d ago

Lol at the title.

media needs to know that phishing is not = to hacking

GodisaGeek2523d ago

Which is what we explain in our article :-)

Systematrix2523d ago

Yes, the Sun was a bit misleading, but the legal definition of hacking is intentionally accessing a computer or account without authorization (abridged version). Some of the most notorious "hackers" used social engineering, is that not hacking either? Hacking isn't just about writing programs to exploit a security loophole.

Parapraxis2523d ago

No, i'm pretty sure that is exactly what hacking is.

Phishing is different because they trick the user into giving personal info which they then exploit.
The only way a phisher can succeed is if the info is given to them, a hacker on the other hand is attempting to succeed by forcefully obtaining the info through flaws in the security, usernames/password/decrypted keys/etc are not just given to hackers they, well...hack away until the data is uncovered.

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