Skyrim – Crafting the Dragonplate / Dragonscale Armor Set

"Every time you take a Dragon down in Skyrim, it always drops the loot of a Dragon Scale and a Dragon Bone. Now, you wonder what’s the use of it?" - JPS

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admiralvic2616d ago

DAMN that armor looks sweet!

fluffydelusions2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Daedric armor and sword on legendary rapes all. Plowed through the main quest with ease using it lol. Beat the last guy in less than a minute.

D3mons0ul2616d ago

I've just been selling them. Dragons don't appear to be a limited occurance, either. There isn't a set number of them in the world so the ones I have sold for a good amount of coin were not wasted.

It's nice to see another use for them though.

--Onilink--2616d ago

i have a simple question.. if the dragon armor requires level 100 smithing and the daedric armor requires only 90, why is daedric armor better?? even more, dragon armor, based on the premise of the game should technically be better

Doesnt make much sense to me... anyway, i think daedric looks cooler anyway, so i just have Lydia use the dragon armor set

Captain Qwark 92616d ago

becuase you will be lucky to find enough deadric hearts to make the armor. my dumb ass used the deadric hearts as an ingredient, i was thinking they werent going to be that rare, turns out they are

kcuthbertson2616d ago

Complete the Daedric Museum quest, and Mehrunes shrine will respawn 4 Daedra every few days. That's 4 daedra hearts every few days =]