Top 10 Zelda Songs of All Time

GameFront, "The release of Skyward Sword has ingited something of a Zelda frenzy. Gamers young and old are reconnecting with their indefatigable blond hero, and comparing his exploits in Nintendo’s new title to those that populated the series’ bygone classics."

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FalconR2892574d ago

What about the temple theme from Zelda II or Gerudo Valley from ocarina of time?

DonaldBeck2574d ago

every song was great that i remember, but the kokiri song was my favorite.

colonel1792574d ago

Most of Zelda's song are epic. I just wish for the next Zelda, Nintendo does completely different music the way they did with Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. They kept the classic, but did a complete overhaul of the music for Mario, and Zelda deserves the same.