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The Smackdown Vs. Raw series has become a yearly purchase for many wrestling fans out there, resulting in hours upon hours spent creating various superstars/divas and playing online in matches and tournaments. Throw in a compelling storyline that is included with the Road To Wrestlemania mode and you have yourself an a game that is any wrestling fan’s dream. This year looks to be no different, as THQ has completely overhauled the game itself, even going so far as to rebrand it simply as WWE ’12 this year. The game boasts the slogan of “Bigger, Badder, Better”, and it is time to see if it lives up to this bold statement. - PSLS

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Oaklnd2525d ago

If you smellll what the Rock, is cookin'

BigWoopMagazine2524d ago

Goat nut stew, right? Oh, wait, wait, sorry, that was some other guy - The Rock was heating up a nice ol' can of woop-ass.

LostTokens2524d ago

It's just too bad his arthritic hands have trouble pulling the tab to open said can. That and his arms have gotten HUGE.

Still, it's good to see wrestling games not being so terrible. I've actually been interested in this one a bit, so might end up trying it out.

ssb31732524d ago

This looks to be a decent wrestling game in a long time