How the Saints Row Franchise Differentiated Itself from the Sea of GTA Clones

Player Affinity writes: "Upon the 2006 release of Saints Row, the words that seemed to be on everybody’s lips were “GTA Clone”. And when you look at the most general structure of Saints Row, there is a vague similarity. You are playing a sandbox game set in a city area where you go around killing people in 3rd person. While at its most basic level it is similar to a game like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (the latest GTA game out at the time that Saints Row was released), the differences are quite numerous. "

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Trainz2549d ago

It differentiated itself by ripping off gta more than all the other clones combined.

JellyJelly2549d ago

By emphasising on the fun factor. Not that the story is too shabby. Some of the missions were very cleverly designed and lots of fun to play. Actually considering replaying the campaign to get all the story branches.

Janitor2548d ago

Game is OK but not nearly as good as part 2. Almost all the missions are activities, city is smaller and very lifeless and dull. Many, many features from SR2 were cut. I would give it a 7.