Why Modern Warfare 3′s Really Not That Terrible After All

It’s a rehash, a remix, a remake, the same as the last one which was the same as the one before it. Right?

Hold on just a minute there, whilst nofi from TheSixthAxis looks at just how he felt about Modern Warfare 3 at the end of the day.

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BattleTorn2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

1. He didn't play any Multiplayer
2. He figures, from the industry-leading franchise, that "not genre-defining. But pretty good." is acceptable.

Do I hold higher standards for CallofDuty? Yes, as we all should.

They could easily make the game x3 better, if it only was required for their success; which in today shooter-market it isn't.

Why? Because of people like this who will justify it being "pretty good"; and continue to support it.

Not good enough! (IMO, of course)

Fishy Fingers2521d ago

"They could easily make the game x3 better,"

Let me guess, you think a new rendering engine would do that? A rendering engine that would improve visuals by maybe 5-10% if they maintained (CODs key feature) the 60FPS.

ProGrasTiNation2521d ago

5 hr sp & mw2 mp for yes they could have made it 10 times better & every year is a slap in the face of dying corpse of CoD.
Its a billion $$ company refusing to update an engine to make it even look like they are improving,they add a few new perks & weapons to the same game & call it NEW,jesus iv seen modders add more to games & they're still get called mods!these mods that activision strive to make every year would be better sold as dlc rather than their $$map packs$$

bumnut2521d ago

I see you have 2 bubbles too, Im sure bubbles are removed for any negative comment about cod!

RioKing2521d ago

^Really, because I'm pretty sure this site is 99% cod-haters.

GraveLord2521d ago

What's not good enough about it?
Give me an example of an FPS that is "genre-defining". Don't say Battlefield 3. It's a completely different game.

padz12521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Battlefield 3. no no i kid, HL2.

Btw i dont hate cod, i think its a good game but it needs to make some major improvements to get my money.

frostypants2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

What's not good enough?

-Terrible lag and connection indicators that flat out lie about connection quality
-Peer-to-peer architecture (see "LAG" again)
-Horribly overly generous hit detection...even replays show that you can miss a guy by 2 feet and still get a "hit"
-Ridiculous level of aim assist
-Quickscope/Noscope auto-aim glitch (NOT a feature, no matter what Sledgehammer says...they just didn't know how to fix it)
-Horrible map design
-Horrible random spawn logic
-Knives are more powerful than guns
-Terrible audio issues such as
1)too often can only hear the one shot that killed you, and not the 20 other rounds that that were fired at you before that)
2)Muddy audio in general...say what you will about BF3, but HOLY CRAP does it have superior sound by several orders of magnitude
3)When other people shooting at you, sometimes everything, including silenced weapons, sound like shotguns

I could go on like this for quite a while...

chriski3332521d ago

Oh no no no its very bad its recycled we as gamers shouldnt take this crap from call of duty


I have a feeling someone is going to get killed bcuz of this Cod v BF. They are lots of internet freaks.... I'll b watching Fox news :|

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Trainz2521d ago Show
Lord_Sloth2521d ago

It's can't be terrible. It's the same damn game it has been for the last couple of years!

Beastradamus2521d ago

If it was the same game for the last couple of years then why did so many people hate Black Ops and MW2 yet loved the way CoD4 and WaW played?

ProGrasTiNation2521d ago

Fun multiplayer with good fun maps & nearly balanced weapons,quick scoping is harder to pull off & there wasn't killstreaks going off in the number they are now especially in MW3 with its tiny map sizes

Berserk2521d ago

WHY change the game!!! When its obviously selling for a reason? What the hell do you people want... I could point out a million problems with any game that's already out.
IMO the only thing that could improve is the graphics and the servers.

Lord_Sloth2521d ago

I don't care if the game changes or not. I don't care for it and it's just that simple.

I just want everybody to stop trying to copy it and try something aside from shooters for a change.

frostypants2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

If they didn't change the game, then why did they release it all over again with a "3" on the box, rather than just release it as a $30 expansion?

You just proved everyone's point, my man.

death2smoochie2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

It's not terrible at's just the same exact game that came out in 2007 with the same exact graphics and physics, wrapped up in a different box with a few different features.
And this is TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE...if this were 2007....

MW3 is nothing more than an expansion pack to MW2. There is no getting around that...the difference being it is one expensive expansion pack wrapped up in gift wrapping paper as a full retail game that is new and fresh.

That is what you call: REALITY DISTORTION FIELD...
Just when you thought only APPLE had the power to wield that form of distortion.....

koh2521d ago

"it is one expansive expansion packed wrapped up in gift wrapping paper"
try a thesaurus...

Cosmit2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Exact game since 2007? You might wanna take another look at CoD4 and MW2. See the graphical improvement. It's not groundbreaking but they do look NOTICEABLY different. Now MW2 to MW3 isn't much of an improvement graphically. Just like UC2 and UC3, GoW2 and GoW3.

The gameplay is practically the same, just like UC3 and GoW3 compared to their games before. So I don't know why your bitching about it. I for one Loved CoD4. Liked MW2 for a bit and then hated it. Completely went to crap like a month or so down the road. Still played it but was pretty frustrating till I just gave up on it.

I now play MW3 and LOVE IT. It's balanced and its not mayhem like MW2. They learned from their mistakes. So far. It gives it a both CoD4 gameplay with a MW2 slightly improved graphics. Now that's what I call a great combination!

Sizzon2521d ago

I agree, MW3 is enjoyable and far more fun than both MW2 and Black Ops in my opinion.

Motorola2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Exactly. You hear people say MW3 looks like MW2, but look at UC3 to UC2, Gears 3 to Gears 2 and don't say anything. Also Assassin's Creed 1 - Revelations.

chaldo2521d ago

Actually, there is not a HUGE jump between UC2 and UC3 (some ND dev admitted it) but at least they tried changing it up. There is s story, AI has been improved (which idk why ppl say it sucks.. some enemies trying to flank you makes it more challenging which is a good thing.), they tried to make it a cinematic game, bigger set pieces and multiplayer was a huge change.

IMO, MW3 only made little changes such as a few perks and weapons. I really thought that this game was going to change a bit more since BO got a lot of hate.

0neShot2521d ago

This logic about same old COD has been copied many times over without these users realizing how stupid and idiotic they actually are.

Are you going to say the same for Mario?, the same old Mario game coming out every year in the last 3 decades?, let me spell it for you, THIRTY years, and people still love playing it over and over.
MW3 is another Modern Warfare, so it follows the same formula with enhancements.

Fishy Fingers2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

It's the same old people, with the same old complaints, over the "same old game" (ironic, no?).

Neither seem to be going away, so, just enjoy what you want, forget what you dont. An interesting theory I know, but one worth considering.

iHEARTboobs2521d ago

"just enjoy what you want, forget what you dont"

That's MADNESS!!

Cosmit2521d ago

"That's MADNESS!!"

On N4G it is.

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