Amazon offers “There's No Resisting this Bundle” deal for Resistance 3 has revealed their “There's No Resisting this Bundle” for the recently-released Playstation 3 exclusive first-person shooter, Resistance 3.

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christheredhead2521d ago

Thats not a bad deal at all. Im kinda tempted to pick it up, especially since tomorrow is payday.

Intentions2521d ago

I wish I could but I've already spend a lot this year :/

LOGICWINS2521d ago

Are there a lot of people playing the online co-op on this game? Cause thats what I'd get it for.

Jobesy2521d ago

Nope, ghost town. Single player is still great though.

ajeben8092521d ago

Unfortunately there really isn't many who play this game online anymore. There's only 8 multiplayer maps, no server lists or clan functionality like the last two games. It's great but it lacks content. Campaign takes about 6 hours.

ginsunuva2521d ago

Not 6. More like 9½ hrs.

sashimi2521d ago

I'd get it but i already have the sharpshooter from the socom bundle.

Vortex3D2517d ago

What does Nintendo have to say now? Even they bet on Wii U, it's another year away.