Video Game Awards: The Next Game From BioWare

SPIKE: For more than 15 years, BioWare has taken you to amazing new worlds. At this year’s VGAs, find out where they are taking you next.See it first at the 2011 Video Game Awards Saturday December 10th at 8p ET / 5p PT only on SPIKE.

The Next Game From BioWare
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M4I0N32526d ago

kind of looks like an RTS type of game

AntoineDcoolette2526d ago

If that brief footage I aw was actual footage of the game then it looks like a military shooter and ughhuggggghhhhhhhhhhhh no ty

pctrollv42526d ago

haha a military themed game...i guess bioware wasnt kidding when they said "we want COD's numbers" please, you cant even get near those numbers making rpgs which is the best you're at. You have messed up dragon age saga with da2 so badly there is no comeback, and now all this me3 stuff makes you look so wack...plase

Trenta272526d ago

The amount of spelling and grammar errors in that made my brain hurt. Too much, Call of Duty?

Saryk2526d ago

It's a brief video, so what. If it is a FPS, I wouldn't buy it, I have a ton of them. However if it is a military RPG/RTS, would be nice. But there is no telling...........