Bifuteki Review Saints Row The Third

Written by Quan, It is that time once again to grow a pair and take on the Row or in this case take back what the “Syndicate” ripped off from you. How are you going to get your dignity back? Like a damn Third Street Saint that’s how! The fame has gone to your head and it is time to go back to old tactics with a new spin and style to show the other gang members that you are not going out like a punk! All right let’s get our missile launcher ready and strap on your adult pants because we are kicking into this review of Saint’s Row The Third like a boss!

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Janitor2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Game is decent, especially if you've never played sr2. They removed quite a bit, I guess they just didn't have the time because of the new engine and developing a years worth of dlc. The most unforgivable aspect of the game is the fact that 90% of the missions are really just activities with cutscenes. SR2 is uglier, but superior in every other aspect IMO.

Eiffel2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

SR2 like the first had no identity, the whole purpose behind the first was to be the first game out this gen to offer an open world. It took what we people were used to via San Andreas and went with it, same with Saints Row 2. Saints Row: The Third is a reboot to the series and out of the other two is completely original with an intended purpose to be purely fun focused, not taking itself seriously in the slightest. Volition focused where Rockstar neglected with GTA IV and redesigned the franchise. It was a smart move and it shows for it.

Saints Row 3 is superior in every aspect.

bifuteki2574d ago

Hole up Now you can't say SR 2 had no identity because it had a better substance than the first game. I do agree that Saints Row the Third is far more superior but Frankly SR 2 was awesome bringing out great customization and kicking up the silliness of the series. The story and all around characters were amazing.

Eiffel2574d ago

You're focusing on one area, the fact is Saints Row 2 was a GTA clone with focus on fun, in all respects it did offer fun gameplay but it didn't have it's own identity until Saints Row 3.

bifuteki2572d ago

Dude how can you say it does not have its own identity when clearly its own identity was giving you a hell of a lot more than GTA. having your own crew at any call. Full customization of your character and personality, The game had more character than GTA ever could so I don't see how you can't say it didn't have its own identity.

bifuteki2574d ago

I believe they should of made a four player co-op instead of just limited it to two player, however I do enjoy this game for what it is. Saints Row 2 was not that bad, it was a hell of a lot fun and improved from the last game. So far I am enjoying SR The Third a lot and with so much customization and replay value, it deserved the score. Thanks for checking it out and commenting.

ssb31732574d ago

This looks to be a decent game, can't wait for my copy