WWE '12 Review [Game Revolution]

WWE '12 is an uncomplicated title that deserves an uncomplicated review. THQ has knocked out the "Smackdown vs. RAW" bit for a simpler name, in a fitting sign that it has returned the series to its core gameplay. Apart from several tweaks and additions, WWE '12 doesn't revolutionize the series in any significant way, but instead focuses on tightening the combat, updating the graphics a touch, and making everything leaner and meaner. Though it sometimes takes the franchise back too much in the process, WWE '12 is a suitably strong title for any video game wrestling fan.

~Nicholas Tan, Game Revolution

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MizTv2522d ago

sounds good havent got a wwe game in like 5 years. still play the ones for 64 all the time

Sev2522d ago

I was really big on the PSOne Smackdown Vs. Raw. I played that game for months.

BigWoopMagazine2522d ago

That's probably the last time I played one of these too - my buddies from my home town were really into these games, and I was always the fodder in the ring.

ssb31732521d ago

This looks to be a decent wrestling game in a long time