Shopping at the Mall? Go Hands-On With PlayStation Vita

PSLS: The holiday shopping season is here. Black Friday is upon us, and multiple trips to the mall are a must. But the mall shopping doesn’t have to be a chore anymore! Instead, play with the PlayStation Vita.

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fluffydelusions2526d ago

I'll be sure to bring along some wire cutters so I can cut it from the chain it's attached to and bring it home lol. Nah, but can't wait for it :)

Sev2526d ago

If you do, I'll pay you a grand for it.

NukaCola2526d ago

Vita has GPS. They will find you!

dale12526d ago

no one reporting the xbox cyber fraud .headline news on the sun newspaper the biggest national paper has it front page .thousands have been hacked ,milllions stolen in the uk alone ,no refunds either

darthv722526d ago

but its xbox related so.......

koh2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

At least your questionable punctuation is consistent.

GirlyGamer2526d ago

not trying to be a grammar Nazi but you're misusing your punctuation marks

WooHooAlex2526d ago

Damn, I wish they were coming to the Mall of America, I'm just a few minutes away.
You'd think that would be one of their first choices.

negroguy2526d ago

Hmm lawrenceville GA.. Take a hour trip to possibly play the best handheld... *looks at $3.35/gallon gas* Nope

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