BF3 – DICE Settles Patch Note Confusion: UMP-45, G3A3, SCAR-H, Tac Light and IRNV

MP1st - Early this morning, a PC patch and server update was released for Battlefield 3. Of course, you can view the complete list of patch notes here. While it provided many improvements both in-game and server-side, many fans were still left wondering about the few, but important aspects that were left out.

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Criminal2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I'm really happy that the UMP will see a boost. In the Beta it was overpowered, so hopefully they won't buff it too much.

Mister_V2575d ago

Im glad my 1911 is getting a slight upgrade :)

Cosmit2575d ago

I really don't care about anything else until they fix both the Squad and MIC issues on the PS3!

SITH2575d ago

Up down left right. No matter what they do to the IRNV I won't be pleased. Leave it alone, it is a 1x scope that works you still have to aim your weapon.

Mister_V2575d ago

Man, I was getting used to it the way it was. You're absolutely right. They'll never please everyone. Might as well just leave it.

sovietsoldier2575d ago

THAT IS A LAZY MIND SET BY SOMEONE WITH LITTLE SKILL, AND THE SAME CAN BE SAID ABOUT MORTARS! all you want is the ability to see everyone no matter where they take cover and at any distance. its low skill and low risk to high reward makes it unbalanced and needing of change. if your going to want free kills just by clicking your mouse why not join the aim bot crowd because you are practically doing that now.

you know its wrong but your just to selfish to get off the gravy train of easy kills.

SITH2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I love how this idiot acts as if I have some diabolical unfair advantage. He acts like I am cheating. THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE IF I MADE THE IRNV, IN THE GAME! Don't get mad because I simply play the game that was handed to me. You need to whine to Dice about that high speed. Nothing more pathetic than a person who has no idea where to direct their whine session.

And please... do not join my military. Real life has mortars that will splat you, not take 70% health because it landed a few feet away, everyone has noob tubes, nobody runs around shooting shotguns at people with assault rifles, camping is part of a strategy, and nobody complains the enemy can see them... those people can't given they are dead.

TheGameFoxJTV2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Honestly, I never see anyone complaining about the IRNV except fucking snipers. lmao, any other class is always moving anyways so who cares if one person sees us, we can also see him, and kill him.

@sovietsoldier a good squad can easily take down a mortar noob, maybe it'll require you to actually speak, and communicate, but it can be done, and it's not fucking hard. lol

sovietsoldier2574d ago

well it must be ok to stat pad if its in the game, right? because by your stance anything in the game whether its fair or not is ok because its in the game, right? nothing is in need of fair play because its too late and already in the game, right? this is a game so it has to play out exactly like real life and you die with one hit, right?

sorry but there are people then just you who play and would like to have a fair chance and not be killed cheaply by pin point mortars and x-ray scopes. i tried the scope and mortars and they are over powered , to allow them to remain unchanged would a negative effect on the over all game play.

SITH2574d ago

No such thing as crayon scopes in the game turbo. IRNV stands for infared night vision. You have no idea what you are talking about. And anything given by the developer IS fair. They put IRNVs in the game not anyone else. If you can't keep your head down, that is your problem not dice or the person pointing the gun at you. Nobody is going to hold your hand and baby you because you suck at the game and think it is the irnv's fault. Be a man and take responsibility for your own lacking skill. I guess it is the tanks fault you stood out in the open and got shot across the map. That makes no sense. War ain't fair nor is life, keep trying to paint that perfect picture and you are going to be left behind looking stupid everytime.


TheGameFoxJTV2566d ago

EXACTLY SITH LMAO, Gamers nowdays are fucking wimps!

sovietsoldier2574d ago

how do i keep my head down when there is nowhere to hide from your xray scope?

playing harder is something i should not have to do because you have an unfair advantage, i should just be fine with playing.

dice has also stated that stat padders would have their stats wiped and or have their accounts banned so if dice says thats cheating its cheating and if dice says they are nerfing your xray scope of noob awesomeness it must mean its cheating and hence your wrong and looking stupid. i guess all those player who said something about the flashlight must not have played hard enough and are stupid noobs that cant hack it in your core and must have them self's held so we don't get hurt.

stop whining to me about your military life, take your ptsd somewhere else.

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hesido2575d ago

I made a feature request to counter flashlights, behold the squint button: