Notch: Video Game Rockstar

Erik G of writes:

"Shigeru Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima, Will Wright, Tim Schaffer. These men are probably some of the most recognized names in the gaming industry and have produced some of the most well known games to date. Anyone who is into gaming has at least heard of these people and those who love gaming would probably saw off their own foot just to meet one of them. However, one individual stands out from the rest of these giants, someone not quite as a well known but just as well-loved by his fans as the others, Notch."

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Blacktric2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

So it only takes to make an overpriced piece of junk to be considered as a video game rockstar? Cute. When Terraria kept adding amazing stuff and only costed 10 bucks, Minecraft was struggling with issues and costed 20 euros eventhough it didn't have half of the stuff Terraria had and with 1.1 patch, it'll put Minecraft to the ground once and for all with 222 new items and 35 new enemies and 5 new high end bosses. But of course there's no way to make the sheep who bought the game understand these facts so they'll end up touting some fat idiot in a fedora as a rockstar...

NuclearDuke2524d ago

I have left Minecraft, as I no longer find it fun. But to discredit Notch who created the game from scratch and glorify a complete rip-off that just mass added items and features being completely useless, which is Terraria, completely invalidates any point you are trying to bring forth.

Terraria, would never have existed, would never have been popular or known without Minecraft. It's neither as popular as Minecrat and will never be, because it's completely shit.

hay2524d ago

He didn't create Minecraft from scratch. He continued abandoned Infiniminer.
Wanna talk about invalidation more?

NuclearDuke2523d ago

@Hay: Actually, he created the game 'Minecraft' from scratch. None of the work created in Minecraft was transferred from infiniminer, which validates that Notch created Minecraft from scratch.

Come again, when you learn something, yes?