3.3 Million Simultaneous Users for Modern Warfare 3? Not Really.”Just” 1.4 Million.

Activision announced a few days ago that on November the 8th Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had a record-breaking number of concurrent online players (IE: Players present on the game at the same time) of 3.3 millions.

Today they corrected that statement, effectively admitting that they jumped the gun, by quite a lot

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BlmThug2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

It still is the game that is the biggest launch in entertainment ever

Edit: I am in no way, shape or form a CoD fanboy. I actually hate CoD but facts are facts.

MelonSaurus2612d ago

Does that help you sleep at night?

Abriael2612d ago

I just wonder if the mistake was actually just a mistake :D

ZippyZapper2612d ago

I going to ram the disagree button because I refuse to accept that MW3 was the "biggest launch in entertainment ever" even though in the "real" world it is.

Avernus2612d ago

Goes to show how easily entertained the masses are.

frostypants2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I don't get the disagrees to your comment. People are SO defensive of this game. The fact is that the quality of any form of it games or movies or music...cannot be judged by its sales success. In fact, the best sales tend to be a result of being "just good enough" for the broadest spectrum of people possible. The great works are often also an acquired taste. The best works of media are those that cater to something beyond your most basic expectations...MW3 is absolutely NOT such an effort.

Let's put it this way: how many people out there truly consider MW3 to be one of their favorite games of all time? You show me such a person, and I'll show you someone who is a relative noob to gaming.

What you WILL see is millions of people who think MW3 is a decent enough game. Hence, the sales.

MW3 is fast food...Britney Spears...a Toyota Camry...all rolled into one. It's popular because everyone agrees it doesn't completely suck...not because anyone thinks it's great.

It will no doubt be the biggest selling game of this generation, but who'd be crazy enough to bet that it will be regarded as amongst the best titles of this gen? It won't.

Alternatively, look at a game like Demon's Souls. Its sales paled in comparison to MW3's (even when just comparing the PS3 platform), but plenty of people would put Demon's Souls at least in the running for best game of this generation. It was an acquired taste, and some people hated it...but for those who "got" it, it was freaking AMAZING.

Games like Demon's Souls are like a Stanley Kubrick film. MW3 is more like a Michael Bay film. Guess which one will be most fondly recalled in 10 years?

Abriael2612d ago

I would say more of a Nissan Sunny. Search youtube for clarkson suny to understand what I mean :D

Noticeably_FAT2612d ago

Just 1.4 million it's a bad thing or a low number or

Abriael2612d ago

May have missed that the "just" is written between quotation marks, for a reason :D

Noticeably_FAT2612d ago

Nah, I didn't miss it. I just think it's funny either way. I think Battlefield 3 has "just" 50 thousand on it or something.

Troll-without-Bridge2612d ago

out of over 10 Million copies sold only 1.4M log in daily on MP it does tell you something. CoD is apparently still a SP game for the general consumer.

StanLee2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

1.4 million refers to the number of unique users online at 1 time. Not total but the most unique users at 1 time. 3.3 million was the total number of unique users to play on release day. Reading is fundamental.

Focus2612d ago

Not daily, simultaneously.

Solidus187-SCMilk2612d ago

WRONG, I played last night and there were 800,000+ people currently playing, and thats just one version.
daily players would be alot more than 1.4 million.

Troll-without-Bridge2612d ago

From what ive seen for instance in black ops which i bought for both systems, the daily average was around 250k for the 360, 150k for the ps3. this after a month of release... where did the 18 million go?

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gamingdroid2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I know... 1.4 million people concurrently is more than most games sell these days, let alone play at the same time.

sealion882612d ago

1.4 million people who likes to have fun and doesn't care about what others think about the game. Nuff said.
gaming = fun!

iHEARTboobs2612d ago

Gaming isn't supposed to be fun anymore, NOOB!

I jest. :)

kennyboy2612d ago

i hope you dont believe what you just said

frostypants2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

You think that the people who aren't all licking up in MW3's mess are just fun haters? Perhaps we actually don't think it's all that much fun (or rather, no more fun than when we already paid $60 for the same product, but with better maps, 4 years ago).

kevnb2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

thats insane, then add in all the older versions of this exact same game. I dont think the game sucks, but its certainly played out by now isnt it?

kennyboy2612d ago

exact same game? i can easily tell you dont have mw3 or have never had played the previous games

death2smoochie2612d ago

Keep lying to yourself Kennyboy...
It's the exact same game as MW2 with a few different details here and there.

Please tell us how it is radically different from the exact same looking game MW2?

Both those games look so much alike and have almost all the same features it's scary... actually ingenious from Activision to sucker people into paying $60+ for what essentially is an expansion pack.

And you know what is a good thing this time around? Many review sites are ACTUALLY stating this FINALLY instead of sucking up to Activision and the COD sales behemoth and lying saying its fresh and new and different from MW2.

Activision sure knows how to bleed a franchise dry...and charge $60+ for an expansion pack game wrapped up in disguise as a full different game experience.

frostypants2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

kennyboy, I have played every single CoD game, and sorry...but kevnb is right. There are not enough changes to MW3 to justify it being considered a new game.

The Vietnam expansion pack for BFBC2 had more additional content than MW3 offers over MW2. MW3 is, frankly, the most expensive expansion pack ever. If it had been $20-30, it would have been a great buy. At $60, they're fleecing us. Especially when they failed to even fix such fundamental flaws as the quickscope exploit...

saint_seya2612d ago

I have mw1, mw2 and mw3, and to be honest every game since the same but worse.. maps are as a big as my living room, the spawn system is the same, u can respawn 10 times in from of a same enemy shoting at u.... u can shot like 2 mts from your target and get a headshot, or shot at him 4 times and dun get one (looks more like luck than anything else).
I play the game cause i paid for it, and i did only to play with friends, but the game isnt worth more than the price of a dlc for mw


in my opinion Cod4 was a different beat. after cod4 I think they just wanted to pander a lot more towards the noobs who just cried and cried about every aspect of cod4 because they were getting crushed.

MW2 just tried to make everything as noob friendly as possible and everything that has come after mw2 has been the same but worse.

The spawns are horrible, map layouts are shit, people move so fast now that it feels like they are on steroids.

If the game was the same as cod4 I think I would be a lot happier with it. it is a crap expansion to MW2.

I have a massive amount of love for cod4, I played it solid for 2 years. at one point I was ranked 2000'th and something in the world. not amazing, but just to give you an idea how much I played and loved it.

MW2 just turned it all to shit and BLOPS was no better.

MW3 is just as bad. they took one or two little annoying things out, but the way the maps are designed, the speed of movement and spawns, it just does not feel any better.

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