Battlefield 3 Flashlight And IRNV Not Addressed in PC Patch

Two big promises that DICE did not follow through on in the recent Battlefield 3 PC patch.

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Dac2u3382d ago

Where did they say the flashlight would be in this patch? The IRNV changes were stated that they'd be in a future patch:
Karl Magnus Troedsson: Based on player feedback, we have made some tweaks to the IRNV scope to make it more balanced with the rest of the accessories in the game. The change is planned to go into a future update of Battlefield 3, and we will have more details on this update at a later date.

thedarkvault3382d ago

one of the devs tweeted a comparison screenshot with what they did to the flashlight. It's much better with the fix but I guess we will have to wait until Back 2 Karkand to see it implemented

Ares84HU3382d ago

I think than flashlight should be removed all together. There is no way something like that should blind you in that way.

Flashwave_UK3382d ago

the flashlight is brighter than the FOOOOOOOKING sun i cant take it anymore .

fossilfern3382d ago

My game wont even start! Cant even play Campaign :/

veChuy3382d ago

Fix ur pc dude I haven't had any problems with the game since the realese

Tachyon_Nova3382d ago

I feel ya bro, I have the same issue. For me at least I guarantee it isn't my PC being faulty as I can play the MP on ultra fine, but it crashes during loading. Haven't updated yet, so ill see if that fixes it. If not, I'm definetly done with the game.

sovietsoldier3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

they may have missed it in this patch but i hope for them its in the next or i and many others will be royally pissed.

Holeran3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Freaking flashlight is horrendous. I've yet to see someone with a gun mounted flashlight in real life that has 6 million candle power. That thing looks like it would take its own power company to keep it going.

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