Final Fantasy XIV's Last Days, Rebirth, And Move Toward Profitability

In October, Square Enix announced that it plans to work toward a "version 2.0" of its troubled 2010 MMO Final Fantasy XIV -- a game that the president of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada, said "greatly damaged" the Final Fantasy brand after its disastrous launch.

The launch was so problematic, in fact, that Square Enix has yet to begin charging for what was meant to be a premium game over a year since its launch, and will begin to do so "around December", when patch 1.20 launches, bringing key missing features to the title.

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Kamikaze1352615d ago

Only time will tell, I suppose. At the moment it's a decent game, but these next few patches seem promising. The patches since 1.18 have improved the game greatly while drastically changing it. Let's just hope these next few patches have the same effect.

D3mons0ul2615d ago

Shame that the actual improvements don't stop the obnoxious memetic shouting of 4.0 from echoing throughout the halls of the internet.

Rai2615d ago

I don't get they really think they can start charging more a game after a couple a years and expect players to actually join. More will just leave if they haven't already. After a couple of years MMOs goes free not the other way around.

TheTwelve2615d ago make great points. S-E is still lost in their own world. They'll wake up eventually but I'm not sure if they'll still be rich when it happens.


coryok2615d ago

mmos that cant make profit as a pay to play go free to play. this game has never been free to play, rather the trial period that you got with the game has been extended for a year.

final fantasy xi is still pay to play after more than ten years, and the producers and director have said that after ten years this game will also be using the subscription model.