MW3 Vs BF3 Vs Skyrim: Analyzing gamer's preference and hours spent

Product-Reviews writes: Do you find yourself playing Battlefield 3 the most simply because it launched first and you can't seem to put the game down for one second, or is it all about the new Call of Duty game again, as you try and earn as many prestige emblems as possible for bragging rights. Perhaps the first person shooter love affair isn't to your tastes this year and the majority of your free gaming time is spent entirely on Bethesda's latest Elder Scrolls epic.

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tr00p3r2522d ago

Got to be Skyrim this time around, the FPS games have had their time to shine!

Getowned2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I haven't gotten any yet.I have to save some game for christmas :( lol least I will have some thing to play on christmas break. :)

Rifkens2522d ago

MW3 peaked 70k on Steam, on release
Skyrim peaks 280k on Steam... everyday, since its release
I would comment on BF3 but I dont have time to discuss 99 problems

JsonHenry2522d ago

I've played Skyrim more than either of the other two. But I think BF3 was the best evolution of the 3 in terms of gameplay. Skyrim of course had some decent gameplay improvements but most of those improvements I had already played with in Oblivion using MODs. MW3 on the other hand is just more of the same for the most part.

Captain Qwark 92522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

i love bf but your dead wrong man, that game has nothing new except lights which by most peoples standards, including my own, are just another attachment, nothing significant. otherwise it prob less features than any bf before it. oh and a few added modes which also is meaningless since i see people calling COD, "COD whatever.5" becuase all it adds is new weapons and modes every year. BF did the same thing, couple new attachments and weapons, and a few new modes. lets examine.....

-jets, been there BF2
-prone, been there BF2
-graphics, kind of a natural progression for any sequel, no points there
-SP still sucks
-less classes than it used to have, last i checked combining classes makes the game more "accessible" not deeper
-less destruction

so tell me how BF3 evolved the most please????

skyrim changed the most by far...
-perk / leveling system
-dungeons are crafted way better
-all the gameplay changes that came with the perks
-much more dense world

yes i agree mods added alot to oblivion, but many people dont have a pc/mods so you can really only compare retail release and when you do that skyrim wins easy, prob followed by cod, then bf3. it def added the least amoutn of new content/features

JsonHenry2522d ago

No, I can compare whatever the hell I want to compare. I have a PC, I played it on a PC, and so I compare my experience to what I played or else I would be making things up.

And again, you completely missed my point. The way you play BF3 is a lot different than the previous games. You could still level up in Oblivion but they way you do it is a little different in Skyrim. Same as you still have classes in BF3 but they play out differently. The dynamics of playing in BF3 because of the class changes, the tweaks to how sniping works, the addition of things like fog of war after explosions and the way assists work is all vastly different in BF3 compared to previous titles.

The biggest differences in Skyrim is you get to pick your perks as your raise a level instead of them being automatically handed to you once you reach a certain skill level with a perk as it was in Oblivion. The slow-mo death kills, dual weilding, and extra draw distances were all things available through MODs with Oblivion or standard setting in the last two Fallout games.

2522d ago
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