What really happened to Ubisoft's I Am Alive

If you're anything like us, you may have been wondering exactly what happened to I Am Alive.

Originally slated to be a retail release, the game vanished shortly after its official announcement at E3 2008. Then in January 2010 during a conference call Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed the game was being "totally re-engineered" by Ubisoft Shanghai using the Splinter Cell engine.

Then this past September the project suddenly reappeared via a new trailer, revealing its new status as a downloadable title.

It's a complex and muddled development, but one which Ubisoft has now detailed to

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The_Nameless_One2547d ago

The same thing that happened with the new Rainbow six.

rataranian2547d ago

Looks weak. Like an Uncharted rip. At least it's not fp.

r212547d ago

looks promising. i've been keeping my eye on this game since the first trailer. i'm relieved the game didnt get cancelled.