New Valkyria Chronicles III EXTRA EDITION Screenshots Released

Sega released today a batch of new screenshots of the Valkyria Chronicles III EXTRA EDITION.

The new edition of the beautiful PSP game set during the fictional Second European War includes new episodes and will hit the Japanese shelves tomorrow.

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Tanir2615d ago

How bout Valkyria Chronicles III American Edition!???!

Abriael2615d ago

i was actually asking myself pretty much the same thing :D

D3mons0ul2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Nope, thanks to all the "gamers" brought in from Call of Duty and the other "usual suspects", the Japanese think we hate their games and are reluctant to send them over.

This is something I feared back in 2007 when I saw the mainstream JRPG bashing begin. To see it actually beginning to happen marks a grave situation for the genre in America.

Please deliver me from these idiots....

caseh2615d ago

How about Valkyria Chronicles collection for us PS3 owners?

Konami done it with Peacewalker, MGS 2 and 3...oh wait, this is Sega. Even if they made this decision it will be penciled in for a March 2013 release.

TheRichterBelmont2615d ago

This. I much prefer to play these on PS3, wasn't a fan of the move to PSP.

ashiksorel2615d ago

A Valkyria Fan in the West can only dream of this game......
Although, SEGA can make that dream a reality for so many of its fans.