Bethesda: Why the RAGE demo is so late

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has revealed the PS3 RAGE demo date, that they will be doing things “differently” from the consoles for the PC demo – and why it’s taken so long for a demo to appear in the first place.

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fooxy2523d ago

Well at this point we all know game is super good looking and super boring so kinda 2 late for the demo i think although some people still might use it as a decision to get the game once it hits low price

DigitalRaptor2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Boring to those that don't understand the game or the feelings id Software have created.

It's a shooter at its core that is a modern iteration of the DOOM formula. Badass shooting mechanics that are fun to their core. The ones that don't get it are the ones that haven't experienced an id Sofware title before.

Kamikaze1352523d ago

While I do agree that it is a shame people don't understand the vision ID Software has for the game, it's not their fault. They should have done more to make the game stand out...especially since it released in the Fall with the flood of good games.

caseh2523d ago

Game anticipated for years by a lot of people, many people pre-order, manage to play demo before pre-order, promptly cancel pre-order on premise that demo is crap = delay demo until a few weeks of sales are done.

Thats my take anyway. :)

richierich2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I was really dissapointed after buying the PS3 version it wasnt all that great shame the demo didnt come out before release

NLGSean2523d ago

It's not too late. The game rocks!

gypsygib2523d ago

I didn't know there was a 360 demo. Nice!