IGN: Five Developers Microsoft Should Buy

It's always a big deal when a major videogames publisher cherry-picks another independent studio from the wild, and Microsoft is known for some of the biggest and most controversial purchases in the industry. It swiped Halo from under Apple's nose to make it a timed exclusive for its debut Xbox console, it bought Nintendo's golden boy Rareware, and it dished out megabucks for Lionhead, employing renowned designer Peter Molyneux as creative director of Microsoft Game Studios.

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Pikajew3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

IGN just got a whole lot more stupid
The only devs the MS should buy are the ones that make games for them mostly.

Grasshopper Manufacture makes multiplatform games mostly and they made more games on Sony and Nintendo systems than MS systems. So they will never go to MS

Insomniac Games only made Sony exclusives and is making their first multiplatform game they will never go to MS.

And if anyone gets Turtle Rock Studios it should be Valve

Whats next, IGN? Nintendo buys Epic and Sony buys Mojang?

Pacman3213628d ago

That would be epic if Nintendo buys Epic.

buddymagoo3628d ago

Knowing Microsofts past history with buying studios, I would hope they don't buy any.

ApplEaglElephant3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

If MS buys them, they will make exclusives for MS. cause ya know... MS will own them.

But we all know MS wont buy any hardcore studios. All the did was opposite. They gutted down studios. Canceled contracts. Bought Kinect studios. Converted studios to make kinect games.


SilentNegotiator3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


"Double Fine Productions"
*Vomits in mouth*
They already took RARE and shoveled Xbox Live/online gameplay and Kinect down their would be horrifying if they did that again with DF.

"Insomniac Games"
.....right, because they're obviously dying to be tied down and completely done with independence after releasing all 0 games with EA so far. /s

"Turtle Rock Studios
Games: Counter-Strike Source, Left 4 Dead"
So, the guys who ported counter-strike to xbox1 and co-created L4D? That's not really much of a rap sheet to go out and buy them.

nveenio3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Microsoft can keep their grubby little paws off the devs as far as I'm concerned. They should stick to hardware and keeping Live in its prime. Good third-party developers will come naturally.

caseh3627d ago


That would be a horrible move if Nintendo owned Epic, not knocking Nintendo but their hardware hardly pushes the boundaries of technical superiority. Can you imagine what Gears would have looked like on the Wii, urgh!

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saladthieves3628d ago

Before shopping for any studios, they should put some of their studios to good use...I'm looking at you Rare.

coolbeans3628d ago

You should define the term "good use". When looking at sales figures, the Kinect Sports series has probably been Rare's most lucrative franchise since the N64 days. In terms of "hardcore aim" (if that makes any sense), I'd certainly like to see Banjo-Threeie :D.

BlmThug3628d ago

I would love another banjo game

princejb1343627d ago

i don't think well see another banjo game for a while, with the disappointing sales of the last one
if rare does make it they should go back to the roots, no need for a car

Rifkens3628d ago ShowReplies(2)
hqgamez3628d ago

If Nintendo got Epic. I would flip.
Reggie must of had a gun towards Epic's President.

Sony buying Mojang. I could see that, but doubt it.
If IGN was to post Sony buying Team Meat.
Then I would call IGN 100% PURE IGNorant! I'm currently at 90%

Pikajew3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I lost the my little respect for them with this article.

enfestid3628d ago

Valve already bought Turtle Rock Studios. Didn't work out too well. They renamed them "Valve South" before closing them down and asking everyone to relocate to Seattle. Michael Booth then restarted Turtle Rock Studios back in California with some of the original staff (some moved to Seattle to continue working for Valve).

showtimefolks3627d ago

not gonna happen i have said the same thing many times but not these studios just some smaller studios and let them work on something for a few years, but each time i was told by xbox community which i am part of that MS is more than a game company they rather lock down dlc deals for millions than actually spend that money for their future consoles.

what MS has done with xbox360 is pure genius and success but i am not sure if next time around the fate wouldn't be a bit different. Early on MS's message was we are hardcore we know gaming and gamers but than MS became that we want to be in your living room while giving you halo,gears,forza etc every 2 years or so. Gears franchise if there are future games will be on all 3 HD consoles and maybe even VITA.

but what the heck do i know i am just a gamer

sony will buy QD next after their next game which won't be heavy rain 2

sony is letting a new studio work on SLY 4 so taht's now a 2nd party studio

and IGN thing is if insomniac fails with EA they would much rather go to sony than to MS

also ready at dawn studio should get to do a new IP for ps3 they have the talent

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NYC_Gamer3628d ago

i'd rather them build up some new studios

Tanir3628d ago

yeah, MS has no games and the reason why is because they dont have any studios, they r retarded

Noticeably_FAT3628d ago

Microsoft has never had a ton of first party exclusives, but they have scaled back more this past year because I feel like they are all looking and developing for the next Xbox already.

Game13a13y3627d ago


Disccordia3627d ago

MS started about 5 new studios a while back. Probably won't see any output until next gen though

360ICE3628d ago

Amen, Lionhead is their super studio!? Trying to go up against Nintendo EAD and Naughty Dog with eccentric Peter Molyneux is like going up against James Cameron with Tim Burton.

thehitman3628d ago

Yea exactly MS needs their own team(s) developing 3-4 games at a time dedicated to Xbox if they want to have a fighting chance next-gen. Even though they gave Sony a run for their money this gen Sony didnt stray from their gameplan they released lots of new AAA titles and acquired new studios at the same time increasing their porfolio. Now that Nintendo even looks like they want a piece of the 3rd party Pie MS are going to have an even harder time justifying their console purchase. XBL I think wont cut it anymore because I know Sony will bring their A game when it comes to online for the next playstation.

saladthieves3628d ago

They already have started to bring their A game, with especially the PS Vita.

I've been a PS+ user since it came out, and I can honestly say that it is pretty awesome. I've had to download lots of stuff at amazing discounts, and so much more, for free. I get so much bang for my buck, sometimes I feel that they are just throwing away stuff for free.

On the other hand Xbox Live compared to PS+ feels like it is not worth the price. It costs more but offers me far less. I've never had a free game, or content on Xbox Live, let alone EVERY MONTH. Microsoft would never make it happen, yet my PS3 is just piling up with them.

The only reason I pay for Xbox Live is to play online. Make playing online free and I'll cancel my gold subscription in a heartbeat, and I'm sure millions others would instantly.

So in terms of Sony being ready for next gen online, I say they've started already, especially if you look at the connectivity prowess included in the PS Vita.

moparful993627d ago

People try to play it off like xbox live is miles ahead of psn in terms of features, usability, and connectivity and honestly besides a few networking features and cosmetic differences xbox live and psn are dead even where it matters and thats playing games.. xbox live has x-game chat psn is free.. They are dead even.. Given the fact that the ps3's AAA exclusive portfolio is outpacing microsoft's by a large margin the only thing driving people to the 360 is the networking effect.. "My friends all play on the 360 so I want one"

beastgamer3628d ago

M$ been doing it wrong.
They invest in 3rd Party spending $$$ all day long. Who knows how much they pay Activison for 30 days dlc and each ad has their logo. If they paid Rockstar 50 million, who knows. For a greed copy and paste game that break records each year, Bobby must want some $$$ meaning 9digits figures.

I know MS had Bungie which are great developers, but Bungie left MS in 07, I guess they weren't having all the Hoopla.
I kind of feel Sorry for Turn 10 its like MS doesn't care about them, they just want them to beat Gran Turismo

saladthieves3628d ago

The problem with Microsoft is that they are relying on techniques, though proven to work, just happen to be short term solutions.

They are paying DLC exclusivity for 30 days, just so that their base can be the first to get it. This exclusivity isn't even for like a year, just 30 days! Their heavy reliance on mullti-plats is a problem they need to solve.

They could for example launch next gen and find that they have a very little list of exclusive games to go along with the platform. If they think that people will flock to their next Xbox because of their brand name instead of exclusive games then they could be very mistaken. Sony tried the same this gen and we all know how that turned out.

What they should be doing is building up a solid portfolio of exclusive list of games ready to launch for next gen. Kinect is all good and nice, but it shouldn't be their focus. Nintendo already proved that you can only ride the casual market for so long, until they get bored and move to something else (iPads, iPhones etc).

Sony learned from their mistake, and look at how many studios they now own, or the ones producing exclusive content solely for them. It's clear to them that they know a platform is as good as dead if it doesn't have games to play it on. They know what matters to gamers, the games.

DiRtY3627d ago

They opened three studios 6 months ago.

MS Soho
MS Vancouver
MS Family

gg no re.

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theunleashed643628d ago

insomniac like their independence if they didn't want to be acquired by sony they certainly won't likely want to be bought up by microsoft.

The Meerkat3628d ago

They should have gone for Bioware.

Swiggins3628d ago

Probably would've been a better choice than Insomniac.

Ulf3628d ago

EA owns Bioware, and MS wouldn't be able to buy EA without a major stock revolt.

John Kratos3627d ago

@Ulf He meant when Microsoft was publishing Bioware's games.

Alos883628d ago

A big no to the first three, I don't care about the others.