Gamer TV's Haze Special

GAMER TV are showing a special edition dedicated to Haze on Bravo this weekend. The show will feature exclusive demos, new levels and weapons as well as a look at that technology behind Haze.

The programme is on in the UK on Saturday 1 December at 10.00am on Bravo 2, then Sunday the 2 at 11.30 am and Monday the 3 December at 4.30 pm on Bravo.

US viewers will be able to see it the following week on the Starz Edge channel on Saturday 8 December at 11.00 am (ET) and Wednesday 12 December at 8.30 pm (ET).

Producer Jason Kilshaw commented, "This is everything you need to know about Haze then some!"

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Apocwhen5049d ago

Cool, thanks for the info. I'm gonna Sky+ it

bourner5049d ago

i still cant belive its comming out next year. this was a big selling point for the ps3 over xmas

Panthers5049d ago

I didnt know it got delayed. I thought they said it was still coming out.

MaximusPrime_5049d ago

i never heard anything about it being delayed.

have you got proof?

Apocwhen5049d ago

Yeah it's definitely been delayed until next year. Ubisoft released a financial report saying it wouldn't be out until it's Q4 fiscal year (which is Jan 08 - March 08). You'll also find discussions about the delay on the Haze ubisoft forum.

bourner5049d ago

and olso on play it said dec 14 for release and i went to order it and it said march or something . so disapointed