Xbox 360 Dashboard Update On December 6, Sports Metro Interface

Hooked Gamers writes: "Microsoft loves its Metro interface, so much so that the new dashboard update will feature a number of Metro-style elements." (pictures included)

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Tomonobu Itagaki2709d ago

I was wondering how could Microsoft put more ads than in the current dashboard version. Seems like the Metro interface is pushing further the boundaries.

xPhearR3dx2709d ago

To be honest, I barely notice the ads now thank god. Been testing for a few weeks now. Before, they were huge and in my face. Now, they're tiny little boxes that I can easily ignore lol

mcstorm2709d ago

I have to agree with you I have the preview and it is alot better and seems to have less adds on there too.

MS have really hit the sweet spot the the Metro UI. Works amazing on the 360 with the controller and even better with voice commands with Kinect but the only thing that miffs me off about the new dash is the Videos and music option for streaming media it off you Server/PC/HDD will not all you to use Kinect with hands or voice which I think they need to add but this may come in the final build but MS have really started to pick them selfs up again and the next 10 years are going to be massive for MS with the Metro UI.

gamingdroid2709d ago

I kind of like the ads too, because it's some stuff that I'm interested in.

Found an ad for UFC Match #139, Shogun versus Henderson which was free the other day.

What an awesome match!

PCRockStar2709d ago

You are a troll @Tomonobu! Plain and simple!

I can't wait for the update!

Tomonobu Itagaki2709d ago

How is that trolling to use our eyes and see that 80% of the menu is made of advertising? There are so much of them it feels like you're living in Time Square.

I don't mind changes, but Xbox 360 definitely didn't need to look like a Windows Phone.

Ashby_JC2709d ago

80% are adverts???? Stop spreading false information.

Your making it so that gamers who have never been on xbox live will take that slander as a fact.

You know damn well it isnt 80% adverts!?

Are there ads..yes. Most are on ONE single blade or whatever its called. And you know how fast you can skip past it...?? A second...or LESS. You dont have to look at the blade that has ads on them.

And for the most part the ads have some type of game tie in along with it. I dont get why ppl complain about this but you never rarely hear about ppl complaining about TV adverts or magazines.

Virus2012709d ago

How is it Advertisement? Everything you see on Xbox live (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Last FM, Facebook, Zune, ESPN, Twitter etc.) you can actually use. It's not like it's there just for display.


If you had Xbox live you would know that and you wouldn't be saying that nonsense.

ZippyZapper2709d ago

Tomonobu Itagaki you just got owned, now change your name because you disgrace the name.

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MizTv2709d ago

wish u could go back to the blades like when i got it in 2005.

Captain Qwark 92709d ago

the blades were great in 2005, they would suck horribly now. everybody has a diff opinion though. i for one welcome the new change each time, makes me feel like i have a new console. even better, this update will make my phone and 360 look the same :)

gamingdroid2709d ago

The blades are horribly outdated in my opinion. Every update since has been superior. I like the latest one the most, with plenty of space for content yet easy access.

The new updates add new faetures, last time we got Party System that I use a lot. The beacon system will be awesome when there are more of my friends that get it.

MerkinMax2709d ago

Press the guide button on the controller, done.

ryhanon2709d ago

Am I the only person that thinks the Metro interface is crap? It's halfway decent for phones and tablets but otherwise? Meh.

Systematrix2709d ago

Not sure I'm too keen about the "metro" name. Not that I'm insecure :P

MGRogue20172709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I've been using the beta dashboard for a few weeks now & I actually like the current NXE design alot more tbh.. There wasn't anything wrong with the dashboard so why change it? Don't fix what isn't broken.

I'm not liking this new design at all. Wish we could choose which dashboard we want to use.

Ah well, as long as the dashboard functions & gets me to my games, I don't really give a shit what it looks like 'cause I don't spend alot of time on the dashboard anyway.. lol, it's good that they've left the mini-dashboard the same as I use that alot.

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