Nintendo Wii Virtual Console adds MSX games compatibility

The 1983's MSX is another gaming platform of years past, that was previously unannounced for backwards compatibility with the Virtual Console, that will now get games on the Wii!

So far only announced in Japan. Expect Castlevania, Metal Gear 1 & 2, etc.

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TheMART5866d ago


This is great. This is huge. Now I know for sure. That Wii will be there from day one. MSX is one of the biggest things before consoles came in, in Japan. It was dead already around the world, but in Japan it lived on for years after it.

I owned a MSX-1 and a MSX-2 and I liked them. Metal Gear Solid Snake 2 was on MSX besides other good games. Damn very nice move Nintendo, very smart.

360 got the Amiga games, Nintendo MSX and what will PS do?

Sphinx5866d ago

I don't understand why any hardcore gamer or person who just likes to have fun would not own a Wii. I mean, come on! :) Seriously though, Nintendo came out of nowhere and looks to be kicking some serious butt this generation. It has so many things going on with it that it has to appeal to everyone and anyone.