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VGBlogger writes: "Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi is a snazzy title. But I have a couple other titles that more aptly describe the actual content of the game. Ultimate Dragon Ball Z For Dummies is a good one. Or how about Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors Showdown? Yeah, I like that one better!

Ultimate Tenkaichi is the latest in a long and typically solid line of Dragon Ball Z anime fighting games from Namco Bandai. I hesitate to even classify Ultimate Tenkaichi as a fighting game though, because it doesn’t deserve to be in the same genre as games like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Virtua Fighter — or even previous Dragon Ball Z games for that matter."

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Deadpool6162705d ago

He pretty much nailed it. We're better off playing the past games.

Tanir2705d ago

yeah, the QTE's were cool, but they happen too often, the perfect balance for QTE's was budokai 3, and best 3d fighting was tenkaichi 3.

dont know why they made "Blast range" useless in this game, theress no hiding, theres no strategy anymore. why do these games get worse? and the character creation is just crap, why is it even there, cant even choose a face >_>