Awesome Final Fantasy XIII-2 Moggle PS3 Being Gifted To Contest Winners

Winners of the "Word To Your Moggle" contest will walk home with this Moggle-themed PS3 console. Take a closer look at this awesome pre-production custom design.

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ryhanon2709d ago

Never played a Final Fantasy game in my life and even I know it's "Moogle".

-IronMan-2709d ago

lol at that hideous looking flopbox360. yuck..

Havocmak3r2709d ago

I won on New York City Comic Con team and since it was a 3 way tie with the other 2 conventions, they said they would do another contest to determine the winning team but idk what contest they could do since all 18 of us live apart and stuff to get us together. I'm thinking they are just going to randomly just pick a winning team.