Game Guys review - Fate/Extra

The 2011 entry into publisher Aksys' "Fate-slash" series is Fate/Extra, an RPG that takes nearly everything canon from the franchise's previous titles and ignores them completely.

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Redempteur2710d ago

What a bad review ...
too long prologue ? FAIL.
"it's largely dependant upon guesswork and luck."
Untrue.. a good preparation and a little of intelligence ( such as running away when you're at disadvantage ) and 98% of the problem of the game are gone. If you pay attention and understand the'll NEVER guessing except teh first time you encounter a new ennemy.

this review missed all the good things about this game.

game is awesome

Tanir2710d ago

im a huge fate fan and this game is lacking depth. the totally random paper rock crap sux. I die from time to time with bad luck of the enemy getting 3 hits in a row plus the extra attack just to die and start the level all over, wouldnt be so bad if u cud save where u wanted

Redempteur2709d ago


it's not random but whatever. anyone saying it's random clearly didn't understand how the system works

Inception2709d ago

dude, here's a little tips for you to play this game

- Use shock wave before battle and the enemy got stun for two turn
- Use you're servant skill or code cast to cancel the enemy's turn
- Also, memorize you're enemy pattern. Imho, all enemy's had two simple pattern.
- Last thing, upgrade you're servant stats in the chapel.

It's so fuckin simple and i finished this game for 30 hours in my 1st playthrough with Saber. And i agreed with redempteur that this game is a good game. I gave it an B for a fun / simple battle system and great story with diffrent ending.

Tuxmask552709d ago

I rented it on Gamefly. This game sucks ass. I'm surprised the reviewer gave it as good a grade as he did.

ronin4life2709d ago

I'm about to face the second round master with saber at lvl18.
I'm having fun with it.

Hicken2709d ago

I need another PSP so I can play this.

Sounds like the reviewer just didn't take the time to learn the game... which would be understandable, if it weren't a reviewer's job to do such things.