Is Final Fantasy XIII-2 worth your time?

Ryan of Digital Hippos writes:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a new game by Square-Enix, the hugely successful company behind such games as Final Fantasy (duh), Star Ocean, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, and many others. This time they're trying the sequel thing again, but this time I think it will turn out much better than before. Some spoilers may lie ahead. Not big ones though, I promise.

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jacksonmichael2708d ago

I could care less about my time - it's my money that's actually worth something. :P

WhiteLightning2708d ago

Well in the film, "In Time"........Time is Money

Justin Timberlake told's true :)

acronkyoung2708d ago

Whatever Justin Timberlake says must be true.

Shang-Long2708d ago

worth my time? maybe.. but id rather go have FFvs13......

Army_of_Darkness2708d ago

One of the reasons why I might give this another chance!

WildArmed2708d ago

I'm still going to pick it up.
Regardless of what I think of FFXIII, the changes they are promising for FFXIII-2 look great.

SE has been saying they are really listening to all the feedback they got from FF13, so I'm hoping for the best.

Plus, I'mma fan of JRPGs. So it's hard to turn down a possible great experience.
Ofc, i'mma keep an eye out for reviews. If they point towards improvement over FF13, i'll get it.

Tanir2708d ago

Same, i enjoyed ff13 for what it was, I love lightning and Serah, and if the 2nd game is even a tiny bit better than the first i think its worth a play.

besides like you said, im a jrpg fan and their are none this gen

DragonKnight2708d ago

@Skv007: I appreciate that you have your own hopes for this game, but the fact that the same battle system is in play means that SE haven't been listening enough. FFXIII's battle system was one of the biggest problems people had with the game.

360ICE2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Imma buy it and all, but again: (And I'm glad I posted this AFTER jacksonmichael did, so I can voice my opinion in peace) I would like for the FF games to have some sort of motion control support, to take a little brake from the x tapping that the fights can turn into sometimes. It certainly doesn't have to be forced on the game, but a break is always nice, even if only to try a silly gimmick or whatever some people call motion controllers. Seems like there will be mini games so it's gonna kick some ice all right.

jacksonmichael2708d ago

Even though I have you ignored, I felt the need to click on show... Instantly regretted it. I dislike you. Have a nice day.

360ICE2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Now who's immature?
You for once, what a nice change of scenery.
Are you ignoring me to save money? Just asking since you said time didn't mean so much to you.
I dont dislike you though, probably because i dont let comments about motion control offend me, but I am a bit surprised you've ignored me since you seem to show up at just about every comment i make about motion control... more like you have me on subscribe. If you keep it up like this, maybe one day you'll get lucky and we can change it to "in a relationship" :P BUT BACK ON TOPIC: FFX-2, with or without alternative controls, is on my list. Ice.

THR1LLHOUSE2708d ago

I'm not gonna say it's a bad idea...but it is an unusual one.

I'm thinking instead of choosing stuff in a menu, you just do a certain gesture for each command. That might work...for a bit.

Tommykrem2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Haha, you two AGAIN! (360ICE and jacksonmichael)
If you're talking about doing the main controller work with motion controls, I don't think it will be much more than a gimmick. I agree that it could be fun to try, but not much more more. I'd rather see Square spend their time on something else. Motion controls in mini games? ...Maybe. I do get bored from pressing the X button some times, so maybe you do have a point, but I don't see motion controls being the solution here.

Trainz2708d ago

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooo.

Outside_ofthe_Box2708d ago

Yep! 13-2 is going to be trash like 13 was. The only good thing about 13-2 releasing is the fact that VS13 is that much closer to being finished.

Wintersun6162708d ago

Would you lend me that crystal ball?

It's pretty stupid that people are saying that FF13-2 will "be trash like 13 was." First of all, 13 wasn't trash, it just wasn't quite up to the standards of previous FF titles. It was a decent/pretty good game. But for some people these days it seems like only perfect is good enough. I was disappointed with the game too, but I wouldn't go as far as saying it was trash. But hey, that's the cool thing to do right now, hating on FF13, FF13-2 and SE.

And to my other point why your post is ridiculous. People make mistakes, FF13 with it's linearity and lack of things other than fighting to do was a mistake. I think we both agree to that. But how does that mean that FF13-2 will automatically be "trash" too? If you'd have been actually following the news on what changes will come to this game, you'd know that FF13-2 will make many major improvements over 13.

I'm not saying that I know how FF13-2 will turn out, because I don't. What I'm saying here is that SE are listening to it's fans and are trying to make FF13-2 better in so many ways than 13 was, that you should at least give them credit for trying because there are devs out there who don't even go as far as trying to improve.

CLOUD19832708d ago

Wintersun616 even if they make changes to improve it, it doesn't matter at all and u know why? because it's a fcking sequel of the worst FF ever and as I have say before the holy trinity of JRPG's is Story, Characters, Gameplay from the moment they continue with the ridiculous story FFXIII have and the gameplay will be the same that's all we need to know to decide if we want this game or not, the game is just rehashed & cut content from the first why u think they finish it in 1,5 year?
If SE listen to fans as u say and want to do something to redeem their selves for the so many failures they create for the past 10 years then why they dont try to make a new game with new story and new gameplay and not copy/paste what left unused from XIII?

Biggest2708d ago

Some people hated XIII. I was not one of them. I am also getting XIII-2 day one.

dc12708d ago

Very good! It took me three tries to get into FF13 ....and boy, am I glad I suck with it.

Day one for me as well.

dc12708d ago

Wow.. that should have been 'Glad I stuck with it' ..... stupid phone.

tiffac0082708d ago

The game looks promising, so I'm willing to give it a try.

LouisGarcia2708d ago

Yeah, it sounds pretty interesting.

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