The Psychology of Skyrim

"To get right to the point, the player's character behaviour, regardless of how they’ve chosen to play the adventure, is problematic. Indeed, it ranges from mildly disturbing to dangerous to utterly insane.

Of course, Bethesda’s RPG is set in a fictional land inspired by the middle ages — a fair while away from the birth of psychology, let alone its refinement into the science we know today. So it falls to us, noble modern men, to diagnose the deeply unhealthy Doväkiin."

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D3mons0ul2705d ago

Just stop writing and get back to playing. Tired of all these pseudo intellectuals over analyzing everything just to fill up a few utterly pointless paragraphs. This goes in there with "Are women too sexualized in video games?"

Just play the damn game. Opinion pieces were the worst thing to happen to N4G.

Nothing against you.

undercovrr2705d ago

The article is supposed to be humorous not serious. So actually read it before posting something ignorant.

D3mons0ul2705d ago

Obviously, that doesn't mean I found it funny though. Maybe if overanalyzing opinion pieces weren't a dime a dozen here, I would have read this with a different mindset.

Sadly, that is not the case.

jtmgames2704d ago

Thanks for your constructive criticism!