Skyrim – Be Wary of these Diseases; the Breakdown

"In addition to the Lycantrophy and Vampirism disease that you can get in Skyrim, there are many others that might be a hindrance when you do quests or even opening a locked chest." - JPS

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hennessey862616d ago

people keep telling me I look ill but how do I find out what I have got or is there a qure all portion

strange19862616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

The cure disease potion cures all diseases you may have. You can also activate any of those shrine things for the same effect. Or you could become a werewolf and have complete disease resistance.

gaffyh2615d ago

If you have Lycanthropy, one of the benefits is that you are 100% immune to all diseases. Although it is quite annoying that people keep telling me I smell like a wet dog.

Iroquois_Pliskin2615d ago

lol ppl keep commenting on my "wolfish" grin.

CrimsonEngage2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Open up your magic tab and go all the way down to "active effects". If anything is in red writing then you have a disease. lol

hennessey862616d ago

did that and one is in red

AAWELLS092616d ago

Also sleeping at an Inn or your own house for 8 hrs or so every so often is needed as well and could be the reason they are saying that to you. When you have slept and once you have awakened at the top left of the page it will say "You awaken feeling Well Rested" or something like that. After long periods of no sleep than youll take more damage or something to that effect. Once they start saying that look in your Magic Menu down at the bottom is a section that shows constant effects(I know thats not the actual name of it but youll see what im talking about once you get there) and youll see what im talking about. Srry i cant remember the exact words but ive seen it while playing the game(its also in FO: New Vegas) and remember needing to make sure to sleep i think even one of the NPCs told me i should get some rest.

Xenial2615d ago

You can go to the Shrine of Talos or the Shrine of Mara. They both cure all diseases and gives you a blessing. Theres a Mara shrine in Riften. Talos in Whiterun and Markath. There are others but those i know from the top of my head.

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Yo Mama2616d ago

Technically, Vampirism and Lycanthropy isn't a disease. They are curses.

Yo Mama2616d ago

True. I look at them as gifts, myself.

Reborn2616d ago

Being a vampire is too much of a chore.

Lucreto2616d ago

With the Lycanthropy curse/gift can you control the transformation or does it happen whenever it gets dark?

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