Battlefield 3 nuclear plot angers Iranian gamers

The Americans are invading Iran in search of missing nuclear warheads in 2014 - that is the scenario for a new video game which has sold millions of copies.

But amid international concern over Iran's nuclear programme, Battlefield 3 has angered young gamers in Iran itself, and many have signed a petition calling for an apology.

Hossein Sharif, from BBC Persian Television, reports.

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Hufandpuf2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

The guy called it Battlefield: Modern warfare. lol

But on topic, DICE, just send them an apology. I agree it does get a little too close to their current situation, and If any other country depicted a war against the Western world there'd be some tension a swell. I think their demands are justified.

chriski3332710d ago

Who cares let them be mad

Hufandpuf2710d ago

That's what our American government is saying to us. And there may be a huge riot in New York because of that.

hesido2711d ago

Currently, bashing Iran is the new trend. You can tell it when they sneak in Iran jokes / references in shows in seemingly unrelated places. So it's not a surprise.

I still feel nauseous when Bush made that "tongue-in-cheek" presentation for not finding WMD's, that's supposed to be readied in as little as 45 mins as they lead us to believe.

I don't see any reason to believe what the western powers say anymore.

JellyJelly2711d ago

I don't believe any of them. Both Bush and Ahmadinejad are nutcases in their own ways.

hesido2711d ago

You're right to not believe any of them, but I don't think U.S. can claim to be the good guy in its Middle Eastern affairs, when they can bomb a country to stone age for WMD's, resulting in the deaths of a few hundred thousand people, and then go "ooops, my bad, no WMD's, but at least that Saddam was annoying, wasn't he?".

irepbtown2710d ago


Iraq AND Afghanistan death toll has reached 1 MILLION (Wikileaks)
That does NOT include injuries, that's probably another million.

America are by far the 'Good guys'. They've done more harm than good. Lets not even start with 'suspected' terrorists that haven't even been given the right to have a trial (I LOL at democracy) and lets not forget Bradley Manning (only in weekend given a trial date).

What a world we live in.

Somebody2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

American Presidents using false information to start wars. They have lied and mislead everyone to get what they want.

Iran secretly making underground nuclear enrichment facilities slightly larger than a commercial one should be capable of. At the same time calling for the quick destruction of one of its neighbour.

What's make any of them trustworthy? What's make any of them the good guy?

As for the US dropping bombs and killing thousands...what about the bombings by the rebels, Al-Qaeda and Talibans? How come they always get a free pass while the US gets the blame even if they weren't one who put artillery shells in a car next to a busy bazaar? I don't think those are US car bombs killing Pakistanis in their cities in the last couple of months(US drones only like the Afghan/Pakistan mountains and CoD maps).

irepbtown2710d ago

Nearly 200 innocent civillians killed last month because of US drones.

Never reported on the news. Media is as much to blame as the Government.

Somebody2710d ago

Yes the drones kill hundreds of civilians. What about the car bombs? I've read a lot of news media and they always highlight US actions while the insurgents' actions seem to be ignored. Drones killing a family on a mountain - blame the US. Insurgents setting off a bomb in a market - blame the US.

But since we're gamers here posting in an article about Battlefield 3 in a gaming site: Remember how hard it is for us to maintain battlefield discipline in any BF games (or any other games)whenever Friendly Fire is on? Like when we are happily suppressing an enemy and suddenly a squad mate put his head in front of your gun? Or when we are blasting away in a tank from away covering a squad capturing a hill...only to realize that FF is on after our shell wiped out the entire squad instead? "Sorry" is probably the most type word aside "Thanks You", "FU" and "Hacker" in BF chat.

Imagine DICE put some civilian AIs in the some of towns in BF3 multiplayer as a game feature. Kill one, the team's ticket will bleed (like Counterstrike's hostages). Try dropping rockets onto a tank noob parked next to school/refuge shelter filled with cowering AI families. Then add some "wild card" AI when one of the AI would occasionally picked up a dropped kit and take pot shots at you.

Leon131842711d ago

Why are Muslims always looking for an apology from the rest of the world? It's a game. Americans aren't looking for an apology for Washington D.C. being invaded in MW2. Let it go.

Valkyre2711d ago

Because americans are always portrayed as the good guys...

Your example is stupid.

It would make sense if in BF3 americans were the bad guys for invading Iran, and the ones the player started killing.

When Americans invade, they are the good guys
When Americans are invaded they are the good guys again.

When any other country is invading, they are the bad guys
When any other country is invaded, they are again the bad guys.

Do you understand the huge difference now?

thetest2711d ago

That's because most other countries at war are backwards and uncivilized and rule by dictators or pseudo governments.

hesido2711d ago

And that justifies invading countries that aren't actual threats?

SJPFTW2710d ago Show
irepbtown2710d ago

Fair enough, it's a game. But Valkyre is right, America are never portrayed as the 'bad guys'.

Since 1945 the United states has a attempted to overthrow more than 50 FOREIGN Governments.
Further more America has troops deployed in more than 150 countries.

Give me ONE other country that is currently as ridiculous as that.

Hicken2710d ago

Here's the thing: we're damned if we do, and damned if we don't. It sorta became expected of us to intervene and solve other people's problems after WWI and WWII. It was a LOOOONG time before we entered a war of our own making, of our own free will.

Even today, people in at least a dozen countries WANT us to intervene. And often, it's necessary. In places like Rwanda, where the UN- a peacekeeping force- did nothing. Or in places where people's hands are tied. The US has less problems ignoring the opinion of the world to help than most countries do. We also have the military power to do so.

And yes, we will make mistakes. No one is perfect. No one should ever claim to be. But I'd rather we make a mistake than not take action at all.

To paraphrase, all it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing. That's most certainly the definition of what happened in WWII. I wasn't around for that war, given that I'm not even 30 yet, but I'll be damned if I just sit around while something like that happens again.

Somebody2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Agree with Hicken.

ATM the ASEAN countries are in a tight pickle. The Spartly Isles is said to possessed billions of untapped natural resources, although theoretically and China has its eyes on it. It's bad enough that the ASEAN countries are fighting each other over these islands, now they have China with millions of troops (and another billions in reserve) and far superior technology butting in. China is the farthest from these isles so it claimed the whole South China Sea as its sovereign region (f**k international water) which automatically made Spratly as its own islands. All because some explorer centuries ago put "China" in South China Sea.

The US never bothered much with the region before except when moving its fleets around and when there are pirate activities (and to spy in China of course). Now it seems some ASEAN countries might secretly want US intervention in the matter. Would be rather awkward though. The purpose of ASEAN was to keep South East Asian Nations neutral during the Cold War so they can freely trade with both Communist countries and American allies without being forced to pick sides. Now, one of the former players of the Cold War is demanding something from them and their only back up is another former player.

Again : Awkward....

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Hufandpuf2711d ago

Um, mw2 was made by people that live in Los Angelos. Not people overseas. And if it was made by people overseas, then you'd probably be playing as the invaders.

I like what Rainbow Six is doing. They are putting the people of America as the opposition. The radical Americans, the ones that are getting sick and tired of their government. I don't think anyone's ever tackled a topic like that before so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out, because I'm unlike killing hordes of terrorists or armies, I'll be fighting the people that may live next door.

r212711d ago

i watched the video. where in it does it say 'muslims' are asking for apologies? im pretty sure the video states that iranian gamers are asking for apologies. just wanted to correct you there buddy :D

MizTv2711d ago

please this from the land of hate. ya ok. they can kiss my a**!!!

Hicken2711d ago

And I'll just ask for an apology from everyone who ever paints a black person in a positive or negative light, or anyone that references slavery, because that all hits too close to home.

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