One of the Best Knife Throw Kills of All Time - Modern Warfare 3

GB : Wow. People can do some insane things in first-person shooters, and especially in Call of Duty games.

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chriski3332708d ago

That was just stupid how is this news?

Heartnet2707d ago

cause its funny and cool :)

FunAndGun2707d ago

How bout stupid and lame?

Ron_Danger2707d ago

Heartnet showing his true gamer colors with that comment... I'm also assuming you think Michael Bay is the best movie director of all time

Heartnet2707d ago

dont even know who micheal bay is :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2708d ago

And that is how all campers should die......

Ron_Danger2708d ago

And people wonder why others complain about this game...

ZippyZapper2707d ago

"And people wonder why others complain about this game" You mean butthurt BF3 fanboys.

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