Skyrim: 10 Of The Most Funny Memes [PICS]

"We know Skyrim is a vast and complex game. But there are some little things that defy all logic. Could the developers have done things differently? How could they miss a small thing like this?!"

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JohnnyMann4202527d ago

I read them all and laughed zero times. I understood them.. they just aren't funny.

NukaCola2527d ago

the internet is full of funnier ones

lMHl2527d ago

the internet is balls deep

Coffin872526d ago

I liked the Kajiit joke, namely because I play one and would honestly agree to the statement that he is badass.

Dovahkiin2527d ago

I agree, obviously we can relate to them, this doesn't mean they're funny though.

The gamesave one... i have over 800 saves and I've barely scratched the surface.

Kal8532527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

I chuckled at the title pic, but that was it. Come on fellow Dovahkiin, we can do better than that.

NukaCola2527d ago

I love the Skyrim Leveling Up memes.

"Snapped her bra undone with one hand...Lockpick increased to 44"


"I don't always raise my voice, but when I do...FUS RO DAH!!!"

DJDeez2527d ago

"I'm sworn to carry your burdens...Damn right b*tch now carry these dragon bones!"

Laxman2527d ago

Oh the horrors of not realizing how heavy they were at first... Few hours in, every time I picked up a new sword of shield or something "You cannot run becuase you are over encumbered!". It was a nightmare until I saved enough money to buy a house to store them in!

FlashBack2527d ago

only liked the jarl one and the 30 apples one

Iroquois_Pliskin2527d ago

lol that happened to me i swear

hotskys2527d ago

First one was true. I went looking for the old blades guy, ended up doing most of the theives guild missions. XD

Kal8532527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )


How about:

"A giant bashed me into the ground with a club, and I flew a mile into the sky. You can't explain that!"


"I don't always drink blood, but when I do they have to be sleeping."

Best I can come up with on the spot. Man, comedy is hard.

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