"Chrono Trigger" Gets an iOS Port Next Month

Crunchyroll's Joseph Luster writes, "Revealed via the Square Enix Members blog, fan-favorite RPG Chrono Trigger is receiving yet another port, and this time it's headed to iOS-compatible devices."

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DA_SHREDDER2706d ago

Yeah, this is awesome, maybe if it sells, publishers will see that there is still a market for turn based rpgs'. I so depressed lately, not having played a good turn based rpg since the ps2 days has taken its toll on me.

Godmars2902705d ago

Nice thought, but all anyone is going to see is a classic title. It wont mean anything to the development of HD console gaming.

Hisiru2704d ago


Don't you have a DS? Lots of good turn based rpg games like Dragon Quest IX for example.

3GenGames2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

And it'll be the best game Square Enix/Sunsoft (Squaresoft) have released this generation for sure because they've went down the pooper with game quality since they left the PS1 days.

bwazy2705d ago

Super excited! However, if SE decides to price it at anything over 10 dollars I'm going to be royally pi**ed off.

Capt-FuzzyPants2705d ago

It'll probably be around 15 dollars.

Kamikaze1352705d ago

Good and it looks like the text will be high res for this port, which is awesome.

jthamind2705d ago

to this day, Chrono Trigger is still the best JRPG i've ever played.

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