Main priority of future Modern Warfare 3 patch is to 'address laggy connections'

SystemLink: "Robert Bowling, the Creative Strategist (I know, right?) for Infinity Ward just posted some music to a lot of Modern Warfare 3 fans' ears. They're killing the lag, fellas!

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princejb1342711d ago

yes finally this is my main complain of mw3
having to empty a clip at someone than they die 3-4 seconds later is not very funny

chriski3332711d ago

Damn right laggy every time im host in a game I get stupid lag like crazy I have hardwired internet and it's only in cod im on the ps3

Dovahkiin2711d ago

The lag really is awful in this game thus far, glad it's getting fixed.

brandonb212711d ago

what about the mic problem?

hennessey862711d ago

chat on the ps3 to be shit untill I bought a decent headset

RioKing2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Yeah that one bugs me the most actually, Black Ops had crystal clear voice chat 99.9% of the time.

Oh and while you're at it Infinity Ward, you wanna do something about the douchebag rocket-launcher teamkillers in Search & Destroy? At least add the option to report team killers, thanks.

^Edit: Hennessey, I have a really nice headset; it's MW3's fault that chat is crappy, not the headsets'. Black Ops had awesome voice clarity.

Cosmit2711d ago

Yeah I have the MIC problem as well. Not that bad though. Just cuts out a couple times.

dillydadally2711d ago

FREAKING HECK YES!!! This is my number one issue, and I'm soooo happy they are making it the priority. It gives me hope for Infinity Ward and the game.

AtomicGerbil2711d ago

Lag was my biggest complaint about the CoD franchise, if they can kill it I may come back to the fold.

Not convinced they will though, considering their history

Cosmit2711d ago

LAG is my main gripe with the game. If it was fixed then I would be a very very HAPPY CoD player regardless of what people say about it.

It's a great game that for me is hindered greatly by the Lag and lag compensation crap which means if you have a good connection then your pretty much at a disadvantage against other people who have a worst connection than you. That to me is plain stupid.

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